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CCP Contact Probe Co., Ltd.
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ABOUT CCP Contact Probes Co.:

C.C.P. Contact Probes Co., LTD. was founded in 1983. Since then we set up our company goal as "Specialize in probes manufacturing with fixture services as auxiliaries." C.C.P. is devoted to providing high quality probes and efficient service to every related industry. C.C.P. issued stocks publicly in May, 2001. In January 2003, C.C.P. was listed on the Taiwan stock exchange market. After twenty years, C.C.P. increased in size. Since 2000 we built up our subsidiary factory: Dong Guan C.C.P., in Human town, Dong Guan city, Guang Dong province, China. Soon, Dong Guan C.C.P. receives its ISO9001 and QC08000 certificates.

The market keeps growing and our sales cover South China, East China and North China. At the same time, Dong Guan C.C.P. set up sales offices and branch offices in Kunshan, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. We also diversified our products and received many design patents. Currently, our major products are ICT probes, Traditional probes, RF high-frequency probes, Universal probes, High current coaxial probes, Pogo pin connectors, Double-Ended probes, and IC sockets. Meanwhile, the Pogo pin connector covers many fields including cellular phones, lap tops, GPS, game consoles, automobile stereos, etc. Our speedy order service and sample delivery, precise quality testing equipment, efficient production capability and professional sales have received highly favorable reviews from all the industries. "Providing the product demanded by the customer" has always been our target. Quality first and customer satisfaction is our promise and goal.

The world's largest pogo pin supplier in consumer electronics has been designing and manufacturing high reliability precision-machined interconnect components for the past 40 years. A DFM experts focusing on turning/machining and surface treatment, we proud ourselves as the most flexible and the fastest reacting solution provider among the peers. We've covered a board range of application from the past, ranging from battery chargers, docking stations, and flexible signal and power supply interfaces found between circuit board assemblies.


IC Testing-


  • Probes
  • IC Socket
  • Catalogue

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  • Pogo Pin Connector
  • Single Pin

PCB Testing-


  • AK (ICT) Probes
  • Tranditional Probes
  • RF Coaxial
  • Universal Pin
  • H.C. Testing Probes



  • Fixtures
  • Peripherals