Catherine Zhao
Catherine Zhao
Marketing & Sales Officer at Ryder Industries Ltd
Shenzhen, China
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Company Website: Ryder Industries Ltd

Personal Profiles:

  • Experienced hunter + farmer in new customer introduction as well as project/program management. A good communicator with developed communication skill & a good team player with strong esprit de corps.
  • Experienced in project (program) / account management (cable/PCB assy.) & business development (electronics manufacturing. plastic / metal parts fabrication); confident with both of experience and networks in the industry for bringing in new customers via email marketing, cold call hunting, presentation & business negotiation technique; familiar with the product & technical know-how such as Wireless, Internet of Things (IoT) etc..
  • Experienced in start-up company management.
  • Market research

ABOUT Ryder Industries:

Ryder® Industries Ltd. is a leading electronics contract manufacturer, who provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions serving the fast growing product segments of professional audio equipment and value-added consumer electronic products, as well as industrial modules for automotives, RFID, GPS/wireless communications, and renewable energy.

Ryder Industries was founded in 1979 in Hong Kong, by Swiss scientist and entrepreneur Eric Winkler. In the early years the company was dedicated exclusively to design and manufacture of their own products (chess computers and high quality computer game peripherals), which were sold around the globe under the brand names Kasparov, Mephisto and Saitek.

The company started its first contract manufacturing projects in the nineties. What started as a sideline, developed so well over the following years that the company decided to sell its branded product division in 2007 and fully concentrate on the EMS business. The group was renamed from Saitek to Ryder Industries Ltd. that same year, and has been operating exclusively as an EMS provider ever since.

Being an Asian enterprise with European DNA, Ryder feels a unique responsibility towards its customers, suppliers and employees, especially with respect to business ethics and its social and environmental responsibility. For its very high standards and continuous engagement in these areas, Ryder has been receiving government awards on a regular basis and is a AA certified enterprise by the People’s Republic of China since 1996 .







Ryder is able to assist customers at any point in the product cycle from design to delivery ……


Engineering Capability:

  • Custom Design Manufacturing (CDM)
  • Product Development Profile
  • Value-added Engineering Services
  • Customized Application Team

Product Platform:

Supply Chain:

  • Planning
  • Procurement
  • Logistics

Product Categories:


Markets We Serve:

Ryder is particularly skilled at servicing North American and Europe, due to its reliable system extensive certifications, communication skills and effective execution of customer instructions.