Bryan Peck
Bryan Peck
Director at Gennet Technology Services
Taipei, Taiwan
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Challenging margins and increasing overhead costs. The increasing demands of the on-demand world. These are among the pressures that have led a growing number of companies to replace their expensive manufacturing and logistics operations with strategic and more-streamlined sourcing solutions.

We have experience with both the buyers and sellers' perspective. We know what matters for both sides of spectrum. We can provide creative options with our experience in Asia

Our Service

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain comprise of managing the following

Production Planning Logistics co-ordination Demand/Supply monitoringProject Management

Project Management

Experienced project-management professionals with industry-specific expertise. With our deep industry knowledge , relationships and local knowledge, we can be proactive response and issue resolution. We want to make sure the projects get completed on time.

Engineering Management

We help to ensure quality through early design involvement and support. Communicating technical specifications for your sourcing or quality purposes.

Quality Assurance Management

To ensure that suppliers deliver quality products, operate efficiently, and support continuous improvement, process surveys and factory audits can be performed. Audits evaluate all manufacturing process control systems for existing or new suppliers.


Some suppliers appear qualified at first but then fail to deliver the needed quality after time and money have been invested in project development.

Supplier Sustainabilty help resolve these problems in a timely and cost effective manner. Our team documents your problem issues and requirements for the supplier, audits the supplier facility, analyses the supplier operating conditions, creates a corrective development profile together with the supplier, and then guides the supplier through successful completion.

Strategic Planning

A sourcing team has two sets of internal stakeholders: the people who use the things that are bought, and the executives who manage overall costs.

The users will accept cost negotiations as long as it doesn’t jeopardise a good relationship with the supply base, generate complaints or affect issues such as delivery reliability, service or payments.

For executives, cost and service competitiveness is a key objective. To mobilise users’ and executives’ support for an alligned sourcing strategy, it is vital to communicate all the benefits and overcome any potential risks.