Bruce Liu
Bruce Liu
Marketing Manager at Powertech
New Taipei, Taiwan
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Established in 2000, POWERTECH is a leading power solutions manufacturer with a diverse power-related product line that ranges from surge protection to power management. POWERTECH thrives to develop new technologies, integrated solutions for power-related products. At the same time, we thrive to maintain close relationship with customers worldwide and provide world class services. We will also continue to dedicate ourselves to improving the quality of life and well-being of people's lives .

Core competences

With over 360 worldwide patents, POWERTECH is a recognized leader of innovation and technical know-how in the power industry. A vertically-integrated research/development and manufacturing system allows POWERTECH the capability to be involved in every stage of a product’s development from industrial / circuitry / mechanical design, safety compliance testing to mass production.

· Power management competence

· Circuitry design competence

· Mechanical design and tooling competence

· Industrial design competence

· Quality Assurance and Safety compliance competence

· Mass production competence

POWERTECH is devoted to the research and development of Power protection technology. With over ten years in the power industry field, exceptional R&D team and management, our in-house UL and KEMA certified laboratory we will strive to maintain our lead both in market share, quality and performance in this industry.

POWERTECH provides a diverse line of power products that caters to home, corporate and mobility crowd which includes:

Power and Surge Protection

for IT Devices and Home Theatre

Home Automation


Smart Surge Power



Home Theater Power





Desktop Power


Most people have experienced the mess of many power cords and cables jumbling over one another in their workplace areas. Powertech’s innovative and compact design of the Desktop Power Surge Protector can help to resolve the mess of jumbling wires and help create a more organized workplace. In addition, the Desktop Power provides other connectivity features, such as USB Hub & Multi-card-Reader. The power outlets are designed to be rotatable to provide much flexibility to user.

Rotating Power


This innovative & unique rotating design concept provides the convenience & flexibility that cannot be found in a typical power surge protector. The Rotating Power surge protector is ideal for home and office environment. This product also provides a more organized setting and optimized the space usage of other connected equipment. All Rotating Power Surge protectors consist of high joule rating with full 3-line protection against surges and voltage spikes.

Mobility Power


The MOBILITY POWER surge protection products provide protection to travelling devices, such as laptop, mobile phone,

PDA, MP3 and valuable electronic equipment against harmful surges and spikes. The Ultra compact design of the MOBILITY POWER enables user to easily carry the product for both Business and Personal Trips.

Workshop Power

Soho power


The SOHO Power products are ideal for connected equipment protection in the Home & Office environment. These SOHO Power products are designed to protect home & office equipment against surges & spikes. These products are also designed to fit ideally in compact environment to enable user to be more organized.

Rackmount Power



As the telecommunication industry continues to change and grow, more expensive communication equipment are developed to handle more complex data and information transfer. Therefore, the need to protect these expensive equipment is utmost important. The Rackmount Power is designed to protect expensive communication equipment against dangerous surges and spikes with the ease in rackmount installation.

Energy Management System

· Home Automation & RF Wireless

· Transmitter/Receiver

· Power and energy management

Residential Energy Management


Green Powerlink Wi-Fi Smart Solution

The Green PowerLink Wi-Fi Smart Solution provides a system approach to monitoring,

controlling, and optimizing residential energy us

Enterprise Energy Management


Green Powerlink ZigBee Solution

The GREEN POWERLINK Enterprise Series provides in-office energy display for administrator to track and monitor entire office and appliances energy consumption.

Industrial Energy Management


Green Powerlink RS485 Smart Solution

The CT smart meter is designed to link directly to the energy gateway by RS485 communication.