Brian Yeh
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Company Website: PCT corp.

ABOUT Professional Computer Technology (PCT):

PCT was founded in 1992, and IPO in 2003, listed in OTC ( We specialize in electronic components.

  1. Active Components
  2. Passive Components
  3. Computer Basic Software
  4. Computer Application Software
  5. B2B Components E-Commerce

Own Brand Product: PCT NOR flash

VISION- The Ambition and aspiration of PCT

We would like to use our professional ability to act as agent for some products which get potential. We also would like to set up the global competitive products for our customers, and help them to guide into producing products steadily. Also we will seize the commercial affairs at the first moment and then proceed to get a tripod relationship among agent, clients, and PCT. However, we will try our best to make our products perfect compare with the other companies, and so something for the high technology industry in Taiwan.

Products Line:

MicroChip/ SST , Insyde ,Software, SONiX, Zytronic, AlcorMicro....