Brian Lamb
Brian Lamb
Founder at Swivl
San Francisco, United States
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Company Website: Swivl


Brian is the co-founder and CEO of Swivl, maker’s of the award winning solution for mobile video communications. Swivl uses robotics with connected cloud services to make video more natural, useful and engaging for educators and businesses around the world. Before Swivl, he was a leader in the product design industry at D2M. He has also lectured at Stanford University in the foundational design class “Introduction to Visual Thinking”. Brian has a BSME from the University of New Hampshire and an MSME from Stanford University.

About Swivl:

Our mission is to create classrooms that inspire greatness. Greatness is a teacher utilizing a novel, highly engaging and empowering project based learning exercise. It's a student overcoming fear and doubt to lead her peers through her a core concept she mastered. It’s humans realizing their learning potential, igniting each others interest and sharing that with others to build upon.

But fostering greatness is an overlooked focus in today’s classroom. The focus is on things we can measure and test. And we are in the midst of letting immersive consumer technology re-shape our classroom environments in ways that fundamentally interfere the social bonds essential to fostering true learning environments.

We believe classroom technology needs to follow the same transformation teaching has undergone. From sage on the stage to guide on the side. Technology needs to get less immersive. It needs to focus on helping free up teachers to be more effective at personalization and reinforce the social bonds that make up our learning environments. And that is what we aim to do.


Swivl Cloud-

It's a video collaboration tool, a lecture capture platform, an observational coaching solution, and a video conferencing portal. The magic is in the synergy between applications. The best part? Storage is unlimited. Sign up for free and try Swivl Cloud Pro today.

Swivl Robot-

Turns your mobile device into presentation delivery tool, a front-of-room assistant and automated video solution. It follows you, stops to focus on whiteboards or small groups when needed and can be used anytime, anywhere.

Swivl Capture App-

The hub for control and content management. Wirelessly upload content with ease. Customize the Swivl Robot performance. Use it as a heads-up dashboard for presented content, reminders and time tracking to help you perform.