Boyang Li
Boyang Li
Sales Representative at ShunBai Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen, China
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ShunBai Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to promoting quality and affordable chip-type electronic components in Chinese market. Winning the trust of partners is a source of our sustainable development. Just by walking step by step like this, ShunBai has developed into one of the several large chip-type electronic component distribution centers in China and become a foothold of domestic and foreign well-known brands in China. Being rigorous and practical is our style and being brave in taking up the glove is our spirit. Based in Shenzhen and Hong Kong and supported by world-famous electronic manufacturers, we aim to develop the Pearl River Delta market and gradually radiate our business across China. To strive to provide you with more competitive electronic components is our objective. To achieve this goal, all of our colleagues work hard unremittingly and develop more competitive advantages! We sell a full range of electronic products under internationally renowned brands, such as AAC, Rohm, Cyntec, Ralec, Murata and SUNLORD. We have advantages in standing stock and price, and especially have an adequate supply of passive devices needed by hand-held electronic equipment, chip resistors, chip capacitors, chip inductors, diodes, transistors, magnetic beads, microphone heads, receivers, cell phone batteries, etc. Besides, we boast a good industrial background and rather rich electronic knowledge. With superior design and manufacturing abilities, good cost performance, the fastest delivery and excellent service, we have won broad acclaim in the industry! Welcome to contact us!


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