Bonnie Liu
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Company Website: Kingsin

We have over ten years mechanical design for high technology companies in Silicone Valley, we provides mechanical solutions for entrepreneurship and innovation. Our service includes mechanical design, Engineering, supplier chain management, production support.

Our mechanical design bases on analysis-driven engineering, reduce time for your project to the market. we know how to move project forward with our professional design and experience, and know how to work with your EE team, ID team and your vendors to have your ideal to be real product.


Mechanical Design

Benefit from many years cooperation with high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, our mechanical design bases on analysis-driven engineering and we know how to move project forward with our professional design and experience.

Engineering Analysis

Provide professional engineering analysis for your product, include:

Structure Analysis, Thermo Analysis, Mechanism Study, Tolerance Analysis.

Supplier Chain Management

With our strong mechanical design background and worked in the South of China for many years, we are familiar with how to manage the production, manufacturing, improve product quality and ensure the delivery of products.

Inspection and Production Support

Qualify vendors and product inspection for your company, provide professional solutions for the issues your products meet, work with your vendors with high quality parts and delivery in time.