Bo Wang
Bo Wang
Founder & CEO at Heneng Consulting
Shenzhen, China
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Company Website: Heneng Consulting

Heneng Consulting is a Turn-Key Solution provider connecting international clients with various manufacturers in the filed of PCB & PCBA. Heneng Consulting provides services for clients by providing right manufacturers and solutions for PCB & PCBA needs with the Best quality, Best price, Best time to market, all tailor made to clients’ needs. Company’s activities is concentrated in Shenzhen, China with clients from all over the world, such as Russia, United States, UAE, Europe, Asia etc.


Heneng Consulting

connects international clients with PCB & PCBA manufacturers from different regions wvith differentiated capabilities to find the best tailor made solutions for clients’ needs.

PCB Manufacturing

PCB manufacturing needs advanced equipment, sophisticated engineers, perfect internal management system and sincere customer attitudes. These are why we can build up high level of PCB manufacturing capabilities. Excellent market performance can re-feed the enhancement of manufacturing capabilities. We run in this virtuous circle to be your top choice of PCB manufacturer. We can support flexible printed circuit, HDI PCB, aluminum PCB, rigid flex PCB, carbon ink PCB, blind and buried via PCB, heavy copper PCB and impedance PCB.

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly: We are capable of offering the best PCB assembly services from China to global regions. All kinds of PCB assembly problems which could not be fixed in other supplier will be resolved by our excellent engineering and manufacturing team. That’s why 100+ customers come close to us. We have capabilities of organizing incoming raw materials, process control, refined test to offer you best PCB assembly services in terms of small-to-large volume production quantities. During the course of PCB assembly, our engineers will report a DFM report if for defect in relation to PCB design and PCB manufacturing.

Engineering Assistance:

We are capable of offering professional engineering assistance for our clients, such as: checking and verifying PCB Design issues, suggesting improvements.

QA and Logistics Service:

– Quality Assurance: We work with third-party QA/QC teams abiding by the IPC standard to make sure the quality meets our clients’ needs. All that in addition to our manufacturers’ QC processes.

– Shipping: We work with forwarders specialize in all shipping methods, such as air shipping, boat shipping, etc. to all of our clients’ companies all over the world.