Bingqi Zeng
Bingqi Zeng
Sales Manager at Wuhan Hongshi Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Wuhan, China
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Wuhan Hongshi Technologies Co.,Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, specializing in the development of iris recognition technology,solutions and products. The company was founded in the year of 2011 and located in the city of Wuhan,China.

  Hongshi has its own patented algorithms of iris recognition and is the only provider of iris recognition chip over the world .Besides, Hongshi provides hardware products and software platform ranging from iris capture, match, database to high-speed iris match sever,as well as customized application solutions and services.

  Concentrating on the R&D in biometric identification applications for security, Hongshi provides algorithms, chips, modules and integration solutions for system integrators, security institutions and hardware providers, that the terminal products are widely applied in the fields of information security, public security, financial and banking, boarder control, online payment, smart building and other industries, which helps Hongshi collecting experiences and clients in different fields.

  Focusing on research and development of technology and products, Hongshi has set up powerful R&D teams, in which more than 60% of the staff has master's or doctor's degree.

  With philosophy of 'responsibility, innovation, hard work, excellence', Wuhan Hongshi promotes development of information security industry and commiting to be a universal pioneer in field of iris recognition.


Iris Lock IRL100


Hongshi Iris Lock IRL100 implements an embedded iris recognition-based door lock system,

deliver the accurate,fast and reliable performance for identity authentication and access control.

It’s intuitive, easy to use and ideal to be applied in residential,small office,hotel,laboratory.

Standalone Access Control Device DAC200


Hongshi DAC200 is the high performance standalone iris recognition terminal.

It can work without a computer and provide the functions of iris enrollment, template storage,

iris recognition, individuals data management

Access control Device DAC100


Q-PASS DAC100, the wall-mounted iris terminal,

provides a high level security and convenient solutions for access control and time & attendance,

which can widely applied in the office building,laboratories , factories, financial institution

USB Powered Iris Rigister Device USBRD100


Highly sensitivity CMOS chip

small size, portable

High strength enclosure,rugged,shock resistance

Wireless Iris Register Device WIRD100


Founded on the Hongshi proprietary iris recognition chip

Provides industry-leading accuracy and speed of iris recognition

High speed and quality Iris image capture

Desktop Iris Register Device DRD100


Founded on the Hongshi proprietary iris recognition chip ( QTM-CORE )

Integrated the algorithm in hardware and all processing on-board with enhanced security

Provides industry-leading accuracy and speed of iris recognition

Mobile Iris Register Identification Device MRID100


Founded on the Hongshi proprietary iris recognition chip

Provides industry-leading accuracy and speed of iris recognition

High speed and quality Iris image capture

Iris Access Control and Time&Attendance Management Software


Integrated management platform

personal basic information management

Personal iris information management

Iris Access Control and Time&Attendance App Software


Mobile management platform

Device management though wireless network

personal basic information management

Iris enrollment and indentification software


High quality iris image capture and enrollment

Automatic quality assessment to obtian the best quality iris image

Iris data encoding and storage

Iris locker management software


Locker management platform

Renters information management

Renters iris information management

Iris matching/management sever


Individuals iris data duplicate checking against large scale database

Individuals iris data macthing against large scale database

Individuals iris identification

Iris Recognition Cloud platform


Encryption and storage the data using the Orcal database

Tcp / Ip communication protocol to secure the communication between the software and device

B /S Web platform based on Java