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Billion Kuo
Sr. Business Development Represetative at Covestro (Taiwan) Ltd.
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Covestro is a world-leading manufacturer of high-tech polymer materials for key industries. Its products and application solutions are nearly everywhere in modern life. With its innovative strength the company is constantly coming up with new developments which benefit society and the environment.

With sales of about €12.1bn in 2015 and 15,800 employees, Covestro is a global player in the field of polymers. It has around 30 sites throughout Europe, Asia and America, eight of which are world-scale production facilities. In addition, there are dozens of smaller more specialized technical centers around the world, providing personalized support and customized solutions.

Over recent years there has been a significant investment program to provide for a modern set-up of production assets as well as leading-edge technology, both to ensure a competitive position for many years to come. This well-invested asset base operates at a competitive cost position.

Solutions for crucial industries

In keeping with its vision “To make the world a brighter place,” Covestro seeks sustainable solutions for the major challenges of our times such as climate change, resource scarcity, population change and urbanization – providing the backdrop for favorable industry dynamics and opportunities for further growth. The company’s innovative products and solutions are used in crucial industrial sectors such as automotive, construction, wood and furniture, sports and leisure, electrical and electronics.

As a global leader in polyurethanes, Covestro develops and produces the components for rigid and flexible foams as well as for solid materials. Diverse applications range from mattresses and car seats to insulating materials for refrigeration appliances and buildings.

Versatile materialsCovestro is also the leader in the development and production of polycarbonates. Lightweight, tough and easy to shape, these high-performance plastics can be used in a wide variety of ways, and have large-scale use in industries such as automotive and construction.

As a world-leading supplier of raw materials for high-value coatings, adhesives and specialty chemicals, Covestro supplies these high-value niche products to protect and enhance the appearance of anything from cars, via furniture and flooring, applications in the sports and leisure sector through to cosmetic, textile and medical products.


Thousands of products – one port of call: The Product Center provides comprehensive information about products and solutions from Covestro.

Often inconspicuous, yet indispensable: Covestro materials and the products made from them enrich our daily lives and make the world a brighter place. Whether as insulation for houses or the refrigerators inside them, in mattresses, automobile headlights and stadium roofs, as protective coatings or extremely thin films: Covestro’s products promote efficiency, safety and comfort in numerous areas of applications.

The palette includes polycarbonate – the crystal-clear and formable high-performance plastic that is simultaneously extraordinarily strong, lightweight and durable – as well as precursors for rigid and flexible polyurethane foam. Joining these are components for cutting-edge coatings, adhesives and sealants, plus films and other specialty products for the cosmetics and health care industries, for example.

Visit our Product Center and explore the Covestro product range.



Covestro is a renowned global leader in Polycarbonate (PC) and PC-based solutions with an extensive network of capabilities ranging from World-scale production sites, Innovation Centers, Color Competence & Design Centers.

We stand for strong commitment to customer focus and this site provides you with easy access to vital information about our popular Product Brands Makrolon®, Apec®, Makroblend® and Bayblend®. To experience the website in its entirety please register!

Material solutions for application innovations

From the electronics in our hands and the vehicles we drive, to life-saving medical devices and construction materials and much more we daily depend on - product designers, engineers and OEMs trust the proven performance of Covestro’s polycarbonate resins for applications in a wide range of industries. See for yourself!





















Polyurethanes are found just about everywhere in modern life: the chair you are sitting on, the bed you sleep in, the house you live in, the car you drive – all these, plus innumerable other items you use every day, probably contain polyurethanes.

This section explores some of the more common applications of polyurethanes and provides an insight into their use. It shows how they are and also how they help to protect the environment

Discover for yourself where our company's products are being used.



Focused on comfort and functionality

To succeed in the global market, your textiles have to have the right look, feel, and performance attributes. Covestro polyurethane and specialty elastomer film can be formulated and processed to impart desired characteristics to the laminated textile.

Solid and multiwall sheets



Applications using polycarbonate sheet products include - automotive, bus, and trains, to signage and window glazing, greenhouse and commercial buildings and lighting applications, it is a part of daily life around the globe. Architects, engineers and OEM's trust the proven performance of polycarbonate and polycarbonate blends.

Thermoplastic Polyurethanes


Covestro’s Material solutions for innovative applications

From the gear knobs in our hand, athletic shoes or ski boots on our feet to materials in construction, agriculture or other industries we depend on daily – product designers, engineers and manufacturers rely on our diverse portfolio of thermoplastic polyurethanes. See for yourself and learn about our most important industries and applications.



High-performance Desmodur® based elastomers for various industries

Covestro’s raw materials and systems are designed to meet requirements of a wide range of demanding applications in many industries such as automotive, mining, oil and gas, and renewable energies. Through in-depth research into elastomer behavior in various environments, our team has developed the most innovative and effective products and solutions.



Building blocks for high-performance coating applications

Coatings formulators use polyurethane (PU) building blocks from Covestro to protect their applications and create visually pleasing finishes. Our comprehensive line of PU raw materials are used for the production of high-performance, high-quality PU coatings for many applications.



Covestro building blocks for adhesive applications

Covestro adhesives building blocks help bond or seal products we use daily. Our raw materials reliably bond materials in automotive applications and meet demanding building and construction requirements. They bond and laminate wood furniture. Adhesives using our raw materials are with you every step of the way.

Designers, engineers and manufacturers rely on our diverse portfolio of thermoplastic polyurethane for applications in a wide range of industries. See for yourself!