Bill Schlanger
Bill Schlanger
CEO and Chief Technologist at EV Enterprises, LLC
Palm Springs, United States
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Company Website: EV Enterprises, LLC

We make lithium battery systems that find application in a wide variety of areas. These include electric vehicles: large and small, marine, and solar. One size does not fit all. When a custom solution is required, we can assist with both the engineering and manufacturing of solutions tailored to your needs.

EV has helped product ideas become product reality. Our capabilities include computer aided electronic and mechanical design, electronics prototyping, fabrication of complex electronic and electromechanical assemblies, electronic surface mount manufacturing, and electronic and electromechanical testing.

On the mechanical and packaging side, we have custom metal fabrication and 3D plastics printing capabilities that are key to moving your idea from concept to a tangible prototypes and into manufacturing.

Our work spans applications from the development of low-cost portable appliances to characterization of wind power systems to the design of microprocessor controlled energy management systems. Importantly, we are more than a high-tech fabrication house.

Our greatest value comes at the intersection of technical knowledge and customer patience - our commitment to educating our entrepreneurs on the technology that goes into making their product a reality. We know from experience that it is a direct route to improving the economics or capabilities of their product.

Engineering Services

EV Enterprises has experience designing components for most major subsystems in electric cars. Whether it be power train, battery systems, instrumentation, power systems, climate controls, or entertainment, we can design it for you!

Our solutions are low cost and reliable. With our affiliate, Connect Tech International, we can then manufacture your electronic components, at whatever quantity and on a cost effective basis.

A great deal of engineering goes into each conversion. We design the drive train components for each car with a computer aided design (CAD) system and have them CNC machined, thus giving very accurate and repeatable results. We have an expert staff of engineers and technicians with decades of combined experience, and many of the electronic and other components are of our own design.

Manufacturing Services

The electronics for all our products is manufactured in our facility in Palm Springs California. This facility has equipment to do surface mount and through hole electronics, CNC machining and hand assembly of electro-mechanical components.

In addition to components for electric cars we also build other specialty products such as the Canary 100.

Stencil printing machine

Manufacturing will be done in Palm Springs California, not overseas, so that people in our country will benefit. We have a factory that has all the people and equipment needed to build the Canary 100. In fact, the prototypes were built in our factory.

Palm Springs is located in the Coachella Valley which an economically depressed area with high unemployment. The community here is working hard to change this. Several of the cities in the valley have banded together to form a business incubator in Palm Springs, the iHub. We are a participant in that program and our factory is in one of the iHub buildings. The Canary 100 will be the first manufactured product launch from the iHub. The iHub plan is to eventually have a core of high tech businesses that will create many high paying jobs.

Stencil printing machine

Pick and place machine

The manufacturing process begins by putting solder in paste form on the bare circuit boards. The solder paste has millions of microscopic solder balls, flux and binders (which aid the soldering process). It is the consistency of peanut butter. The stencil printer applies the solder with a process similar to silk screening. A bead of solder paste is put on the stainless steel stencil and a squeegee pushes it across small openings in the stainless steel. In this way, only the parts of the board that need to be soldered get solder.

Our pick and place machine takes small parts from reels and larger parts from tubes and puts them on the board. The machine can also test some of the parts as it is placing them. It can place about 7000 parts per hour, which means we can make a lot of Canary 100s per day!

The solder paste also provides another important function, beside the solder: it is sticky to hold the parts in place. When we take the board with all the parts on it out of the pick and place machine, the solder paste keeps the parts from falling off.

Pick and place machine

The oven

Canary 100 hand assembly

The final step in this process it to put the board with all the parts on it in the oven. The oven has a conveyor belt that passes the board through different chambers at different temperatures to heat up the board in a controlled way. This melts the solder and evaporates the soldering flux. The boards come out all soldered and ready for the next step.

All the parts that can’t be put on with the pick and place are put on by hand.

Canary 100 hand assembly

Shipping department

We have a fully equipped shipping department to ship your orders quickly.

Shipping department