Benjamin Joffe
Benjamin Joffe
General Partner at HAXLR8R
Paris, France
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Company Website: HAXLR8R

About HAX:

We have created a sustainable environment for entrepreneurs to start their hardware venture from scratch and reach tens of millions of dollars in sales reliably. By spearheading the hardware renaissance and being the most prolific investor in the hardware space, HAX has created a system in which founders are empowered and confident that their future will be awesome.

We believe most startups should NOT fail and as such have taken a drastically different approach than other ‘accelerators’, by offering an end to end support and a global footprint. With offices in Shenzhen and San Francisco, HAX is a composed of people who share the same spirit for design, tools and the belief that a company should have strong foundations.

HAX is an investment company and as such is fully aligned with the success of the companies it helps. There is no fee, no middleman, no trick to force you to work with someone. Our team will work day in and day out to help you overcome the many challenges ahead.

Come and plug yourself up to our ecosystem, leverage our curriculum and build meaningful products.

Our Programs:

HAX Accelerator

Build, launch, and ship your product at super speed with help from the world's first and most prolific hardware accelerator.

HAX Boost

Already have a product on the market? We can help you blow it up. We've brought over 65 products to market in the last 3 years.