Baohua Yang
Baohua Yang
CEO at Shenzhen icefish Industrial Design Co.
Shenzhen, China
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Shenzhen icefish Industrial Design Co. Professional design and design and implementation of the company, is committed to providing global manufacturing enterprises with brand - oriented product design and brand promotion services overall solution.

Icefish introduction Shenzhen icefish Industrial Design Co. Ltd was established in 2010, is located in Shenzhen City, Sakata Tenabuyajihye Industrial Park,is committed to providing customers with products from concept design to market into a comprehensive solution.Fish have a strong team of designers, respectively graduated from Italy College of art and design, Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts and other famous universities. At the same time, more than fifteen years of experience in the development of the famous director of enterprise product development experience.

WHO ARE WE? The name of the origin of ice fish, it is a kind of spiritual fish people doing things to reflect, like iceberg general firm and indomitable, insist on doing things in the end, BuPaLei hardship is our basic literacy, and adapt to the rapid development of science and technology, fish people keep pace with the times, not conservative, rigid, such as fish like flexible, keep with the development of science and technology era progress in learning to master the most advanced keep step with, business technology consulting, product development and brand to become the industry planning guide.

WHAT IS US? We are both dreamers of business creativity and practitioners of innovative approaches to understand the nature of people, brands, markets, technology, and innovation in their drive. We have a three-dimensional concept of design, a full range of vision.The appearance of the product is the appearance, the demand of the human being and the environment is the essence. According to the demand analysis, and environmental factors, choose the appropriate form of aesthetics, combined with manufacturing technology to create more possibilities, and the design of business needs, aesthetics, technology, multi angle interpretation, ready to make technology morehumane, better service for the people.

WHY CHOOSE US? Ten years honed cast boutique The team has a profound accumulation of industry resources and industry experience, development projects have achieved sales in the same industry explosion of impressive performance in the market, become the industry star products, constantly become a number of industry product design experts, for enterprises to become the industry leader in fueling.

Design Driven Innovation Fish people devote to in-depth inquiry, from innovative research, industrial design, structural design, interactive design to brand communication and social innovation. At the same time more important mission is to "people" oriented, and strive for the most common mass consumer groups to provide high quality products with high technology applications.

Talent is the company's business card Fish has an experienced, passionate and creative elite team of designers. Fish is the most powerful talent, the company's brand, and the survival of the capital; at the same time, enjoy, every person is fish brand guardian fish......

CORE VALUE Plan+Design+integration Customer value multiplier effect

SERVICE AREA Consumer electronics Household products Household Appliances Wisdom city Health care Intelligent hardware Cultural diffusion Instrument equipment

DESIGN THINKING We can see through!In the era of consumer awareness, the channel, the funds can win the competition?Actually, I think it's too simpleFish every design based on consumer research, brand and market positioning and design, we tap the creative, but never easily deny creativity, but on how to effectively realize the creative. We continue to seek innovative ways: concept innovation, functional innovation, material innovation, and even marketing innovation! Fully consider the practicality of products, security, visual effects, cost rationality and brand communication. To create innovative design solutions for customers, so that your products from the inside out.

DESIGN ATTITUDE We believe that good design comes from the details of life;We believe that good design is for people, so we know how to be polite;We believe that good design is not artificial, we conform to the nature, quick witted, insightful;We are the people who use the "heart" to design; we have the passion of diligence, the simple wisdom, the gentle power, the shared vision.Today one fruitful tomorrowDesign comes from life creativity everywhereWhat we are looking for is to make the product, the environment and the user of the most harmonious state between the three.

DESIGN MISSION Our mission: people, products, design andOur customers: to respect each other, to achieve the same goal, to provide customers with high value-added design and development services. To "value" as the guide, for customers and consumers to create superior industrial products, exceed customer expectations.Our ideal: in exploring the professional team of hard, we discover the beauty of life, science and technology, and will focus on sophisticated technology and intelligent products with small crystal beauty true to people in real life to demand.

SERVICE CUSTOMER Fish is committed to providing customers with products from concept design to a comprehensive solution, the understanding of human nature into the market, brand and technology and innovation in the drive, fish customers throughout the world, from the well-known enterprises at home and abroad to emerging growth technology companies.

Product creative We track the long-term development of the industry, grasp the characteristics and trends of the industry, adhering to the spirit of science and rigorous modeling aesthetics, the core user experience, understanding of the market, the balance of resources, focus on the realization of professional perspective for customers from design stage to find the brand and market research breakthrough, providing the overall creative and feasible for different areas of the enterprise. To enhance customer brand influence, brand competitiveness and market position, market share. At the same time, will also bring the design language of system integration for enterprise customers, design and implementation of the symbol mark strategy and Zhizhirenxin innovative products.