Avinash Kaushik
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I am a Hardware Accelerator, Investor and a Serial Entrepreneur. Love the Hardware Creations to drive innovation across businesses.

I run a Hardware Accelerator called RevvX. www.revvx.com

We support Hardware Startups / SMEs and Corporates to collaboratively build new products by working with the global ecosystem.

I also have an Innovation Marketplace for connecting Corporate with Startups called www.scoopstake.com

Hackathon platform called www.hacktank.co

Product Marketing and Distribution Platform called www.pre-launcher.com

Internal Corporate Innovation Platform called www.startupmojo.co

We help Connected Devices and Innovative Consumer Electronics through Mass Manufacturing, Global Distribution and Marketing.

We are partnered with the Best of Manufacturers in Asia, Retailers in US,India,China and Singapore and Global Media companies.

Look forward to working with the Makers. Build to Scale.

ABOUT RevvX Hardware/IOT Accelerator:

Start-ups avail of RevvX ( Formerly Co-Labs) pool of Expert support to Quickly and cheaply test/learn/iterate, Hit the sweet spot in Product Market fit and launch their ventures on a growth trajectory of rapid scale.

RevvX is a Hardware Accelerator based out of Bangalore, Shenzhen and Taipei focused on IOT / HW Product Startups Build through Scale
We also work with Large Corporations and Investors to connect them with the next Innovations.



  • Convert an engineering prototype to a manufacturable prototype.
  • Access vendors for rapid prototyping.
  • Learn component sourcing and management.
  • Due diligence from hardware experts.
  • Build factory relationships at early stage.
  • Access to industry experts and mentors.
  • Participate in partner events and product showcases.


  • DFM Review.
  • BOM Analysis and Optimization.
  • Identify factory partner.
  • Engage with leading design firms.
  • Test and Certifiy your products.
  • Access to industry experts and mentors.
  • Access to discounted services from partners.
  • Participate in partner event and product showcases.

Business Track-

  • Refine your pitch.
  • Locate Distributors for your product.
  • Due diligence meetings and Investor demos.
  • PR and Media Connect.
  • Access to Industry experts and mentors
  • Participate in partner events and product showcases..