Avi Rabinovich
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Company Website: Gemsense

Gemsense is leading industries to the IoT and VR Era by providing a cutting edge technology, product development methodology and partnership strategies.

Our innovative tiny-computer platform, GEM, fuses motion, vision, sensors, communication and software technologies to develop ANY smart, connected and aware products.

We cooperate with Intel and other partners to enable the Virtual Reality revolution by creating experience and entertainment systems based on our mutual technologies.

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Let Us Build Your Dream Smart, Connected and Aware Product

Gemsense offers professionals services building YOUR prototype using OUR Gem technology. Do you need something that can tie together your idea with smart technology, something that can work with all operating platforms and take your dream to the next level? The Amber can do that and we can help!

We can actually build prototypes in a matter of 4 weeks!


Electrical engineering services

App development services on any operating system (Windows, Android, ioS, Linux)

IDEs (Unity, Unreal Engine)

Cloud connectivity,data visualization, data analysis services

Algorithms – motion; classification, gesture recognition and more

Mechanical design and 3d printing services

We collaborate with leading companies in the Israeli High Tech industry such as IBM, DSPG and Softimize providing you with a one stop shop for your product development. Let us put our skills to work for you today. Contact us on social media or by phone right away!