Atoe Lin
Atoe Lin
Lead of Technical Marketing at Compal
Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website: Compal

Atoe works in Compal marketing team, in charge of wearable and IOT technology development

ABOUT Compal Electronics:

Ever since its initiation as a PC peripheral supplier in 1984, Compal has grown to its present scale with outstanding management and solid R&D capacity. Today, Compal has secured its status as a leading manufacturer of notebook PCs, LCD products and smart device which are renowned for their exceptional quality. In addition, Compal has been taking firm strides in the development of the 5Cs (Cloud, Connecting, Computing, Communication and Consumer). In an effort to construct an efficient global operation system, Compal has established business sites in China, the U.S.,Vietnam ,Brazil ,Poland and Mexico so as to provide versatile and speedy services to live up to its reputation as a world renowned brand name in Original Design Manufacturer.

Compal's corporate headquarters is located in Neihu District of Taipei and it is the hub of Compal's various operations including administration, sales, purchasing, account and finance as well as its R&D center. Compal has been aggressively cultivating its capacity for independent R&D in order to secure key technologies. Thorough and efficient in-house communication, step-by-step project completion and solid development capabilities have always been the key strengths of Compal that allowed the Company to win its customers' trust. Thanks to the collective effort and hard work from more than 6,000 highly-skilled talents in technology over the world, coupled with the Company's spirit for total commitment, Compal's offering of IT products has always been more in line with consumers' needs.

After years of experience in the market, Compal has learned that quality, cost, service and speed of launch are the crucial prerequisites for any competitive product. And as such, Compal has adopted the practice of assembling dedicated R&D taskforces for different clients in various fields (i.e. notebook PC, LCD TV, Smart Device, automotive electronics and other emerging products such as enterprise products ) in order to keep up with the rapidly changing market demands while achieving significant success in the area of patent application. With strict QA operations that commence right from the research and development phase, coupled with the use of state-of-the-art instruments and equipment, Compal has gone at great lengths to conduct an extensive series of stringent tests driven as by its insistence on excellence and perfection. It is such commitment and dedication to quality that separates all Compal products from other offerings in the market for its superior quality. The growth of Compal's R&D expenses and pool of engineers over the years is an apt reflection of the Company's determination in staying ahead of the game and efforts in designing new products.

Compal manufactures its products at its Kunshan and Nanjing manufacturing facilities in China. It is comprised of five notebook PC production plants, four display product manufacturing plants, two smartphone product manufacturing plants and one consumer electronics product manufacturing plant. In 2007, Compal established its second offshore manufacturing base in Vietnam, in light of prospective emerging market demand, the company proceeded to set up an NB service center in Poland and another NB manufacturing plant in Brazil. Due to the demands from the rush of businesses relocating their bases of operation to China, Compal has built two additional facilities in Chengdu and Chongqing in Sichuan Province in 2010. Afterward, Compal purchased the Toshiba LCD TV assembly plant in Juarez, Mexico in 2011 and in Kobierzyce, Poland in 2013 respectively.Compal purchased the Toshiba LCD TV assembly plant in Mexico Juarez in 2011.In order to achieve the objective of optimized production capacity and high product quality, Compal has adopted highly efficient production practices in conjunction with comprehensive manufacturing systems and cutting-edge equipment to ensure optimal yield rate. As Compal is a firm believer in the “Quality First” policy, the Company has made a conscientious effort to constantly gather various data from different manufacturing procedures as the basis for improvements and solutions. Apart from prompt delivery, Compal has also enforced a strict QA system to ensure that all products are meticulously and rigorously tested using high-precision equipment at every stage in the production run so that the quality of its end products would exceed customers' expectations. Prior to shipping, all products also have to undergo a final inspection to makes sure that the products are defect-free and in impeccable quality. Presently, all Compal's existing facilities have been certified to the ISO-9001 international quality standard as well as the IS0-14001 and OHSAS 18000 international environment standards. It is no surprise that Compal is well recognized by major OEMs around the world in the area of notebook PC, Smart Device manufacturing and Compal's display products also enjoy outstanding reputation and image in the IT sector.

Compal has received numerous accolades and awards from the government, its clients and established PC publications around the world for its impressive results and success in R&D. Compal's outstanding management performance in 2014 has consistently made it way to Forbes global 2000 for its scale and No. 6 on CommonWealth Magazine list of 2000 Best Manufacturers. .

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In light of its rapidly growing customer base around the world, Compal's Global Logistic and Information B.U. introduced internet technology and E-business solutions to stay abreast with the latest market trends and converge customer service operations around the world to a single service window. By utilizing its existing operation and distribution systems, Copal is capable of rapidly producing diverse products in limited quantities. As of today, Compal has successfully cut down its operation lead time and it would take no more than 48 hours for the Company to ship products after it has received an order. Compal has come a long way in delivering real time and comprehensive services to its customers.

Guided by corporate spirit that embraces innovation, harmony and transcendence, Compal is able to identify market trends and create new opportunities for better prospects. In addition to the development of internet application oriented notebook PCs, Compal's competent management has also made diversified deployments with insight and vision to construct a complete supply chain that will encompass communication, digital media, mobile devices, automotive electronics, vertical integration (i.e. chassis, bearing, connector, printed PCB and etc) components, panels and net connectivity with Compal Corporation at the heart of the supply chain. Meanwhile, Compal is developing smart wearables, investing the IPC industry and going deeply medical and vertical application markets. Further, Compal combines strategic alliance with internal capability and resources to enter smart home, smart care and smart healthcare of the IoT.

Looking toward the future, Compal will strive to continuously focus on 5C related products and actively enters cloud computing and the IoT to build up diversified business models with unprecedented confidence and vigor. With the hard work and contribution from over 70,000 employees around the world, Compal shall realize its vision of “Green technology; Cloud dominance & Illuminating life” in respective areas of the 5C.


NB Product- Notebook PC, Netbook PC, All-in -one PC (AIO)

Display Product- LCD TV's, 3D TV's, Smart Internet Connectivity TV’s, PDP TV’s

Digital Media Product- DMP (Digital Media Products)

Smart Device- Smart Phones, Tablet Product

Automotive Electronic Product- Automotive Electronic