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Tokyo, Japan
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Asratec is a robotics company based in Tokyo, Japan. We developed a robot control system called V-Sido OS (pronunciation: /b ʊʃɪ doʊ óʊ és/), which controls various shapes, sizes, and structures of robots. “V-Sido OS” is a very useful software for controlling robots, especially when prototyping new robots.

When prototyping new robots, deciding the structure and appearance, selection of actuators, developing applications, operation check and many more steps are necessary. We can help your prototyping process with our robot operating system, V-Sido.

First, you can try several kinds of actuators quickly because various kinds of actuators (servo motors of several manufacturers, hydraulic systems, hydraulic-air cylinders and more) can be controlled with our single software, V-Sido. The combination of different actuators is also possible. You don’t have to analyze each actuator’s protocol because V-Sido analyzes them for you. For example, Futaba and Robotics motors are already supported. Also, you don’t have to consider mathematical calculation of Kinematics, Inverse Kinematics, Dynamics or ZMP of your robot because V-Sido OS automatically calculates the necessary process and adjust the balance on its own. It can generate the robot’s motion in real-time, without preparing pre-set motions in advance, which allows you to turn the trial cycle quickly.


V-Sido let you control your robot with “Stability” even when inflicted with sudden shocks or on rough surfaces. Also, various input devices such as smartphones are available for robot control. Furthermore, with V-Sido, you can operate a robot by roughly appointing a position to the finger tips or foot and V-Sido does the rest to best achieve the appointed position by moving other body parts accordingly. Please refer to the movie presentation for details;

We also have a robot control board which all V-sido CONNECT"

“V-Sido CONNECT” is a microcomputer board which enables easy control of robots composed by serial servo motors. Even beginners can operate a robot since many of the features of V-Sido OS are embedded in V-Sido CONNECT”.

1.Examples of robot control using V-Sido CONNECT

This movie presentation introduces steps to control the robot “GR-001” using V-Sido CONNECT, Bluetooth unit and Intel Edison. Please refer to V-Sido for details.

2-1. V-Sido CONNECT RC


V-Sido CONNECT RC is a Release Candidate of V-Sido CONNECT. Some functions which are planned to be embedded onto V-Sido CONNECT official version are restricted.


2-2. Web Controller for V-Sido CONNECT

Web Controller for V-Sido CONNECT

Web Controller for V-Sido CONNECT is a system which enables remote operation of a robot connected to V-Sido CONNECT over the Internet.