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The Scalyzer accelerator - powered by ARM - helps companies who want to scale their products in China with customized acceleration program.

We offer support in the four key areas needed in order to mass produce:

1. Getting a full detailed product BOM cost and COGS manufacturing cost

2. Find reliable and quality suppliers and manufacturers from our huge network

3. Defining a detailed manufacturing plan that includes EVT, DVT, PVT and MP builds

4. Put in place all the quality control processes, approvals needed to ship and product test procedures needed to scale up

We designed our programmes to be adaptable to your needs. That means you only cover the key areas of support that you need right now. This makes the process far more efficient and you are able to accelerate your progress towards mass production much faster.

We don’t take equity. Instead, we charge fixed fees based on what programme you choose. We have two programmes.

1: Scalyzer_Alpha - Targeted at startups looking to raise funding or launching a crowdfunding campaign. Lasting 6 weeks we work with you to get all the information on product cost and find the right suppliers and manufacturers. We also review your product for suitability for manufacture (DFM) and assembly (DFA) reducing risk when it comes to production. If your crowdfunding we can give you a masterclass in how to prepare or alternatively introduce you to our network of investors.

2: Scalyzer_Beta - Targeted at companies who have a fully working prototype and want to mass produce in China. Lasting 8 weeks we work with you to get the final product and manufacturing cost as well as set up the supply chain. The last 2 weeks ends with a visit to Shenzhen, where you are able to meet your suppliers face to face and have the right meetings to set up production. We can also introduce you to our network of investors and retail partners if you are looking for new sales channels.

You are also able to select add-ons that we call Modules which enable you to select specific support in various areas.

Each programme (Alpha & Beta) is fully customisable as you can choose the content you need the most help with by selecting from our 16 modules. As well as our modules you get expert support on setting your product development plan which highlights your key milestones and deliverable to get to mass production. You also get access to our huge network of suppliers, manufacturers and investors. For each module you chose we share with you the key templates, documents and contracts needed to implement into your product development process to ensure quality, protect your IP and deliver on time to cost target.

Each programme is tailored to your needs. You will be assigned a product scaling expert who will consult you through the modules you select. We first do an initial consultation and then give you a proposal for the delivery time and cost based on the recommended modules. The length of the programme ranges from 1-10 weeks and starts from £1750.

Programmes are delivered by a mix of face to face meetings, online consulting sessions, visit China and specially arrange workshops and meet-ups with fellow entrepreneurs and businesses in London and Shenzhen.

For more information please contact Ashley Sayed ( or Alina Bezuglova (, or visit our website at for more details on the programme.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Scalyzer Team.