Ashish Bedekar
Ashish Bedekar
Head- MediaTek labs ( India) at MediaTek
Bangalore, India
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Company Website: MediaTek


Creative, well-connected leader with expertise in Biz-Dev.,partner relationships in wearables/ IOT ,Mobile, Telco, IT/Tech, with India and APAC experience in mobile internet ,apps and VAS ( B2B, B2C), Location-based services (LBS),startups developer partner ecosystems & programs, and IT Supply-chain distribution. Conceptualizing to Go to market expertise. Start-up advisor, a mentor at an Indo-Canadian accelerator / incubator- Zonestartups India, currently advising three start-ups (


Markets: A deep understanding of how to leverage market knowledge in emerging economies for rapidly expanding geo-markets, and how to penetrate the ecosystems to catalyze growth.

➢ Customers: Translate intuitively gleaned customers’ needs (B2B, B2C) into solutions that quickly get traction to preempt competition and to quicken growth. Develop relationship-based customer loyalty.

➢ Technology: Broad knowledge of diverse technologies with a deep understanding of the mobile and the start-up ecosystem, and how it’s spread across developing geos is driving commerce and ecosystems.

➢ Ecosystems: ID strategic alliance and partner relationships that can leverage strength for aggressive market penetration and nurture these ecosystems for a competitive advantage. ID win-win strategies.

➢ Results: Prepare comprehensive plans and socialize them for stakeholder buy-in. Communicate openly and seek support. Deliver the exceptional, not merely the expected. Recognize and reward star players. Specialities: * Business Dev (B2B,B2C) *Startups, ecosystem and programs, Developer relations Partnership and alliances (inc.. Mobile advertising) *Wearables(IOT) *Mobile/Telecommunications/Technology *Location based services *Apps/Mobile value added services (Consumer /Enterprise) *Mobile data/ internet *IT distribution/ channel management *New product development *Product marketing *Rural/BOP services

ABOUT MediaTek Labs:

MediaTek Labs gives you the help you need to develop innovative hardware and software around Wearables and IoT devices based on MediaTek products. From smart light bulbs, to the next-generation fitness tracker and the exciting world of the smartwatch, you can make your journey with our help.


Development Tools & Resources-

MediaTek LinkIt™ ONE Development Platform

MediaTek LinkIt™ ONE development platform enables you to design and prototype Wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, using hardware and an API that are similar to those offered for Arduino boards(See more...)


MediaTek LinkIt™ Connect 7681 development platform

MediaTek MT7681 is a compact Wi-Fi System-on-Chip (SoC) for IoT devices with embedded TCP/IP stack. By adding the MT7681 to an IoT device it can connect to other smart devices or to cloud applications and services. Connectivity on the MT7681 is achieved using Wi-Fi in either Wi-Fi station or access point (AP) mode. To enable developers and makers to take advantage of the features of the MT7681, MediaTek Labs offers the MediaTek LinkIt Connect 7681 development platform, consisting of an SDK, HDK and related documentation.(See more...)

MediaTek Cloud Sandbox

When prototyping Wearables and IoT devices, you may want to collect, sort and visualize the data captured by your prototype. You may also want to test how your device could be controlled remotely and make these features available to testers and collaborators.(See more...)

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