Aren Kaser
Aren Kaser
CEO, Co-Founder at Igor Institute
Seattle, United States
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Company Website: Igor Institute

About Igor Institute:

Igor Institute is dedicated to working with ambitious inventors, groundbreaking researchers, and innovative companies to help bring product concepts to life through quick-turn prototyping, collaborative research, and critical partner connections.

Aren, co-founder and CEO of Igor Institute, a hardware engineering and product development firm in Seattle, WA and San Francisco, CA, has led teams of talented people committed to enhancing companies’ unique brands and helping redefine the conversation around product development. His areas of focus have ranged from integrated marketing and communications strategy to external branding, business development, project management, media outreach, and creative direction. Aren holds a bachelor’s and master’s from Seattle University. Aren is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Washington and Seattle University.


  • Engineering Development:


Filling in the gaps

You’ve probably seen a chart like this before. (They’re all over, these days.) We focus on that middle part, between your brilliant idea and your burgeoning product sales.

No matter what points A and B are, we help jump the technical hurdles that can prevent you from reaching your next goal. Whether it’s napkin sketches to prototypes, or prototypes to production, we’ve got you covered.