Ardy Lee
Ardy Lee
Managing Director at GZTech Group Company Limited
Shenzhen, China
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GZTech Electronics (Shenzhen) Company Limited is an electronic design house focusing on Wireless technology hardware and software device and application solution, Interactive technology solution, smart home device solution, Micropayment hardware solutions and “Triple play” high quality audio and video device and application solutions.

Found in 1998, GZTech Group combined with a pool of experienced talents and years of hardware and software development, and manufacturing experience to offer the best design services, OEM and ODM solutions for our clients worldwide.

Show case

Smart Ring Adapter


"Smart"in Technology,"Ring"in Life

Our product “Smart Adaptor” converts the ordinary electronic light switches and power sockets into an intelligent smart home device, allowing users to control their home lighting and electronic appliance with their smart phone and tablet in a totally different user experience.

Personal Gift Guild

What is"Personal Guide @ Gift"?

“Personal Gift Guide” is a little box packed with marketing and promotion tools for retail stores to seamlessly sending gifts, promotional information, coupons and red packets thru WeChat, as well as membership, loyalty program management and more.

When the user enters the shop area, turn on the Bluetoothand WeChat APP to obtain store product information and coupons, then we can guide the user to their preference stores for shopping. User can simply pointing at the store to collect store discount information, signing up member to collect loyalty points and even receiving Red-packet. Personal Gift Guide provides a highly interactive marketing functionality for consumers to seamlessly engage with retail stores.

Personal Guide @ GiftWhat can be done?

1、To provide consumers with a more interesting interactive shopping experience;

2、Consumers can easily gain more discounts, rewards and fun with this new interactive shopping experience;

3、Red packet - The most effective way to attract consumers;

4、New and fresh marketing and shopping experience can improve the interaction between the consumers and retail stores;

5、Reduce marketing costs;

6、Easy to collect the potential consumer information and provide feedback;

Personal Parking Guild

What is "Personal Guide @ Parking"?

Personal Guide @Parking provides you a brand new indoor car guiding technology. With our unique patented technology, it can plan and guide route for you in real time “turn-by-turn”, allowing you to find your parking spot quickly and easily.

Uniqueness And Advantages

Unique hardware and softwarewith proprietary patented technologies to provide clear and fool-proof user experience.

Low costs on hardware deployment and software integration and maintenance.

Design Service

GZTech offers high quality electronic, mechanic and software design services for different products, like AV, Bluetooth, NFC, WIFI, industrial products and consumer products.

We can help to manage your project and assist you from the initial product concept to the solution deployment, while working with you on specific phases of your product development.

Our approach is part of a quality process that complies with the highest standards requirements of the market.