Ardy Lee
Ardy Lee
Founder and CEO at FlyingCodes Company Limited
Hong Kong
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FlyingCodes™ is the next generation of mobile interaction and M2M connection standard.
The TV infra-red remote control was a revolutionary interactive technology 60 years ago. We believed FlyingCodes™ can be the next generation of M-to-M connection technology. When applied to mobile phones, FlyingCodes™ can create endless possibilities that will set the user experience benchmark for decades to come.

The Future
Mobile Internet and M2M applications are going to be even more important and connected to everyone’s life in the future.FlyingCodes™ wants to be the technology layer and a connection standard for linking people with machines and machines to machines in the future.


FlyingCodes™ is simply interactive

FlyingCodes™ will be at the forefront of the new mobile-to-machine (M-to-M) connection standards that drive the next generation of mobile interactivity.

We are building an open technology platform that allows developers to develop different applications and products for smartphone users to have the most simply and efficient user experience for mobile interaction.

FlyingCodes™ is re-engineering “Point & Connect”

FlyingCodes™ technology transfers the “Point & Connect” experience of a remote control onto your smartphone.


FlyingCodes™ Interaction

FlyingCodes™ patented technology transforms the “Point & Click” experience of a remote control onto your smartphone. This allows you to “Communicate with your environment to send & receive information”.

FlyingCodes™ Real-time Guiding

FlyingCodes™ Real-time-Guiding provides you a brand new guiding experience. It can plan and guide route for you in real-time, allowing you to locate your destination quickly and conveniently.

FlyingCodes™ Control

The Game-changing technology for seamless smart appliance controlling, makes everyone willing to use smart appliances.

FlyingCodes patented “Point & Control” technology bring back the familiar gesture and simplicity experience to change user perspective on using smart devices.

FlyingCodes Lodestone IoT module and development kit provide end-to-end IoT device development solution.