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Apple Tan
Sales Manager at Shenzhen Waveguider Optical Telecom Technology lnc.
Shenzhen, China
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Shenzhen Waveguider Optical Telecom Technology lnc.:

Founded in 2008,during the word financial crisis, and the company faced many difficulties, such as the immature chip technology,the serious shortage of R&D fund,etc. However, even in the most difficult period of the company development, Waveguider people never stop the dream of developing “the integrated sensor processing chip designed and made in our own land”, from 2009 to 2012, the company has invested tens of millions of dollars, which is used for the development and industrialization of MEMS sensors and biological sensing signal integration processing chip, associating with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Waveguider is a very young company, the average age of the company’s core team members is less than 35 years old, meanwhile, Waveguider is a very mature company, the working age of R&D team and company backbone members who worked in the fisrt-class chip and medical company at home and abroad is over 7 years, therefore, Waverguider company is with the development view of the first-class sensor chip company in China, Waveguider dedicates to be the leader of the first-class biosensor and biochip technology in China even in the world.

Waverguider has engaged in the mobile healthcare industry since 2010,and “mobile healthcare” is a new word to all of the world at that time! Waverguider people apply the ”revolutionary spirit of innovation” to the mobile healthcare and mobile medical field! Based on series of self-developed MEMS sensors and sensing signal integration processing chip(FPGA), Waverguider has developed a series of mobile healthcare products and mobile medical devices, more than 20 patent products and technology are the initiate of home! For example: Mobile healthcare monitor, CGM, Car health monitoring system. At present, there have been several well-known companies at home and abroad have adopted or are preparing for adopting the sensors and product solutions with “Apple view” which are owned by Waveguider only. Waveguider is fast becoming “the leader of mobile healthcare in China”!

Cloud era is coming and smart healthcare is the trend of the times. Apple, Google and so many famous companies start smart healthcare plan, the global mobile healthcare will be rapidly expanded in future. The mobile healthcare industry rises rapidly in China, the development of medical informatization in China is imperative. In future, there is no need to leave home and can enjoy the high quality medical service. What Waveguider is doing is to make the large medical testing equipment of hospital into the health monitoring device which can be put in your home even in your pocket, and make the private doctors of your side attentively.

Waveguider, takes lightening the life of all diabetics as our mission, keep forging ahead and keep developing more high-end health monitoring chips and biosensors. Waveguider looks at the global mobile healthcare industry, collects the world’s top R&D cooperation resources, such as the university of California, Berkeley, Yale university. etc., makes the quality products of “Apple grade”, brings smart healthy life for 24 hours for thousands of households, starts the new era of mobile healthcare in China.


Fetal Doppler

Listen to the baby's fetal heartbeat at anytime and anywhere,keep an eye on the real time conditions.Radiation free and safer.


Dynamic Thermometer

Continuously monitor body temperature 24 hours a day, it fetus'temperature from now on.


Watch For Seniors

Mobile phone functions,speed dialing, heart rate monitoring,real time health alert


Health Touch

ECG, Blood glucose and temperature monitoring, know better about your health conditions


Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Professional product, Accurate measurement; Cloud storage that can provides the evidence for the treatment


Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

Continuously monitor the change of glucose level up to 7 days, and get the most real glucose information of your family


All-in-one Patient Monitor

Small home hospital,health measurement at any time


GP Assistant

GP assistant,good helper of health monitoring


Health TV Box

Can show readings of ECG,temperature,BP,SPO2, etc.on the TV that is with HDMI


Health Box

Small size, convenient to carry,comprehensive functions, onekey monitoring


Nerve Stimulation Chip


Silicon Electrode


MEMS Sensor Chip


Sensor Processing Integrated Chip


Car Health Monitor

Protect your car with our ”heart”(chip) for 24 hours. Make your car into the private health examination center.