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About DEKRA iST:

DEKRA iST was established by iST and DEKRA in 2015. iST has been established for over 20 years, and began its business doing IC circuit debugging and modification, it gradually expanded its scope of operations to the whole spectrum of the electronics industry from IC design to end products. DEKRA is the world leading and biggest expert organization in vehicle safety testing and inspection which has nearly 90 years history.

iST has numerous customers and solid reliability testing and failure analysis capability which is in a leading position in Asia. While DEKRA has an excellent strength in the management of world's well-known automotive manufacturers. Thus, DEKRA iST will combine the advantages of iST and DEKRA to offer LED, PCB, PCBA and system reliability verification services in fields of automobile, LED and medical electronics.

DEKRA iST has accredited by international well-known and credible organizations including A2LA, ISTA,IPC, SMTA etc. The site quickly expanded from Taiwan to many Chinese cities such as Kunshan, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu and so on . These are all dedicated to providing customers with prompt, reliable and high-quality technical services. More information, please log in:


Engineering Sample Preparation-

  • Cross-section Inspection

Failure Analysis-

  • Ultrahigh Definition Digital Microscope(3D OM)
  • Scanning Acoustic Tomography (SAT)
  • X-ray Inspection (2D X-ray)

Component Reliability Test-

  • Heat Resistance and Solderability Test
  • Thermal Shock Test (Gas / Liquid)

PCB Verification-

  • Halogen-free PCB Reliability Test and Failure Analysis
  • PCB - Failure Analysis
  • PCB - Reliability Test

Climatic Environmental Test-

  • Temperature and Humidity Testing (Damp Heat Test)
  • Dry Heat Test
  • Low Temperature Test
  • Walk-in Chamber
  • Thermal Cycling / Shock Test
  • Temperature and High Altitude (Low Air Pressure) Test
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Fibrous Dust Test

Dynamic Environmental Test-

  • ‧Vibration Test
  • Mechanical Shock Test
  • Bump Test
  • Loose Cargo-Bounce Test
  • Drop Test
  • Earthquake Test
  • Package Compres

Industries/Outdoor Environmental Test-

  • ‧Sand/ Dust/ Rain/ Water Immersion Test
  • Solar/UV Radiation Test
  • Gas Corrosion Test
  • Wind Speed Test

Mechanical Stress Test-

  • Push/ Pull Test
  • Dye/ Pry Test

Design Verification-

  • Fan Reliability Test
  • Mechanical Shock test (DBC test)
  • Reliability Demonstration(MTBF)
  • Acoustic Test

Lead Free Qualification-

  • Lead-free Reliability Introduction
  • Lead-free Assembly Quality Inspection
  • PCBA/ System Level Reliability Test


Automotive Electronics Verification-

  • Automotive Electronics Reliability Test
  • Temperature and Humidity Combined Vibration Test
  • Reliability Test of Automotive Materials
  • UV Test
  • Xenon Light Test
  • Cross Cut Test
  • Artificial Sweat Test
  • Surface Attrition/ Hardness/ Coating Thickness Test
  • Surface Roughness Test
  • Flammability Test
  • Ozone Test
  • Solvent Resistance Test
  • Mould Corrosion Test
  • Chip Stone Test

LED Verification / Certification-

  • LED Verification for U.S. Energy Star®
  • LED LM-80 Test for Energy Star®
  • LED - Failure Analysis
  • LED - Reliability Test

Other Test-

  • European Telecommunications Reliability Test
  • Environment Stress Screening (ESS)
  • Challenges facing the medical electronics industry in 2014