Anthony Kahl
Anthony Kahl
from Kahl Product Design and Engineering
Melbourne, Australia
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This site exhibits just a sample of my work and hobbies over the last few years.

The genesis of my interests hark back to post-school afternoons spent mucking about in the farm workshop. There I would build go-karts and RC cars, make explosions, hang with the dog(s), drive tractors and generally build an intuition of all things mechanical and electrical. It was a given that I would become an engineer of some sort, and since graduating I've developed an appreciation and interest beyond electronics to the wider technology space, industrial and product design, and manufacturing. I'm a pretty straight shooter and take pride in being transparent about what I'm doing for my clients.

I'm available for contract and project work involving concept generation, one-off constructions, physical prototyping, detailed mechanical and electronics design, firmware development, testing, packaging design, technical documentation and manufacturing consulting.

Send me a note if you have an interesting project you need help with, or just feel like shouting me a whisky or coffee... I am in Fitzroy North, Melbourne, Australia. You can also get in touch through linkedIn or follow me on instagram, though fair warning the content is not always guaranteed to be relevant.

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Product idealization, design, engineering and consulting for manufacture, prototypes, and one-off constructions.

Observant Solo


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Observant M2 Engine Controller


Vintage Raleigh Bicycle Restoration