Anthony Charbonnier
Anthony Charbonnier
Head of Startup Relations & Programs WW at SIGFOX
Paris, France
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Company Website: SIGFOX

Sigfox is a network already deployed in many countries dedicated to the Internet of Things. We provide the most inexpensive and low power solution for connecting sensors and devices easily.

The Sigfox protocol focuses on:

  • Simplicity - No configuration, connection request or signaling
  • Autonomy - Extremely low energy consumption; allowing years of autonomy on a single battery charge
  • Cost - From the hardware to the connectivity, the sigfox protocol is by far the cheapest connectivity solution you'll find on the market.
  • Small Payload - No large assets or multimedia, only small messages
  • "Open-hardware" approach : We give our IP for free to semi-conductors partners to make it as cheap as possible to integrate for all our customers

Already deployed in 32 countries and targeting 60 for the end of the year, the Sigfox coverage is becoming global as we speak.

Integrating the Sigfox connectivity in your project is very simple, and cheap to develop as well.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us !

Sigfox service providers around the globe

Our operators provide the worldwide Sigfox connection locally.