Antares Lin
Antares Lin
Sr. Director/Planning Office/Networking Biz Group at Wistron Neweb Corporation
New Taipei, Taiwan
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Networking product development experience from firmware design, sale & Marketing until now, run the function of operation planning. The products cover from Phone system (including VoIP), Gateway, wireless system ...

ABOUT Wistron Neweb Corp. (WNC):

Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC), established in 1996, is a product design and manufacturing company that provides high-quality ODM/JDM services for communications products. WNC has comprehensive capabilities in RF antenna design, software design, hardware design, mechanical design, system integration, user interface development, product testing & certification, and manufacturing.

WNC differentiates itself from the competition by applying its fundamental strengths in antennas and RF to a wide range of applications including home, mobile, automotive, and enterprise applications. In recent years, WNC has focused its research efforts across these product lines in order to follow market trends, including M2M communications technology, 4G mobile communications technology, automotive telematics, and smart home applications.

Through its outstanding research and development capabilities and in-depth cooperation with global industries, WNC is able to develop products in full partnership with customers from product conception to mass production, providing well-thought-out total market solutions. Based on the principle of product optimization, WNC helps brand name enterprises, system operators, and content service providers create a better end-user experience.


Our focus and highest priorities are on becoming an industry leader in integrated communications technologies in order to fully satisfy customer needs by providing complete end-to-end solutions.

Expanding the realm of wireless transmission

In order to provide clients with a boundary-free experience in the wireless world, WNC started from personal local networks and expanded its business further to include WAN (wide area networks) and satellite transmissions. WNC continues to display superior capability in the wireless communications field. Our wireless transmission products range from personal peripherals (e.g. Bluetooth series products) to satellite receivers (e.g. antennas and LNB). Combining theory with actual applications, WNC enables users to enjoy the full power of wireless communications.

Research and development of advanced communications equipment

With a strong passion for wireless technology, WNC's R&D teams consistently introduce innovative communications products. WNC products have won many national and international awards, including iF product design awards, CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards, Taiwan Excellence Awards, National Invention & Creation Awards, and various awards from the Hsinchu Science Park. In addition, WNC products can be fully customized and designed according to client requirements. Our products emphasize simple installation, efficient operation and easy-to-use network, including wireless Internet connection, information transmission, information sharing, as well as full access to multimedia entertainment.

Offering a new vision of the future

As a leader in advanced technology, WNC must be highly sensitive and responsive to future trends in technology. With its professional expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market WNC has the ability to envision the future. Surpassing technical obstacles and constraints, WNC's innovative mindset will help create a glorious future for network applications.



  • Direct Broadcast Satellite: Asia Pacific, EMEA, Japan, Latin America, North Ameria
  • Digital Home
    • Connected Home
    • Connected TV'Home Security
  • Networking
    • AP / Router
    • USB Module
    • mini-PCI
    • Standalone Mini Card
    • Combo Module
    • Wireless HD Audio Module
    • Small Cell
    • Switch
    • Home Automation
    • IP Camera
    • PCIe Module
    • Bluetooth Module
    • NFC Module
    • IoE Module


  • Antenna-
    • Laptop/Mobile Device Antenna
    • Networking Device Antenna
    • LDS
    • NFC
    • RFID Solutions
  • Mobile Communication
    • 3G Module
    • 4G Module
    • 4G Router


  • Automotive & Digital Media
    • Satellite Radio Module
    • Satellite Radio Receiver
    • Satellite Radio Antenna
    • HD/Digital Radio Module
    • Automotive Wi-Fi/BT Module
    • Automotive 4G Module
    • M2M 3G Module
    • OBD II Tracker
    • Smart-Meter Communication Board/Hub
    • Automotive Radar