Anny Tsai
Anny Tsai
Business Division at Foxconn Precision Component (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Beijing, China
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FIH Mobile Limited - a subsidiary of Foxconn, the largest electronics contract manufacturer in the world - is the global leader in handset and wireless communications manufacturing and service. We offer a comprehensive array of services for leaders in the handset and wireless communications industries. From product development and design, to manufacturing and assembly, to after-sales services and repairs, our customer-focused, highly integrated approach ensures world class quality execution and quick delivery of everything you need to compete in a rapidly evolving marketplace.


FIH provides a wide variety of resources, from project managers, project engineers, software developers, designers, to tooling engineers, and they are all eager to offer their experience to develop your hardware Project from start to finish.

Some of our capabilities are outlined below, and we urge you to get in touch so that we can accelerate your project development and bring your hardware product onto markets.

Our Capabilties

Industrial Design

FIH operates FID - a design branch with 70 designers across 2 design studio located in Shenzhen and Taipei. FID specializes in collecting and analyzing market trends as well as CMF (Color, Material, & Finish) trends to not only provide outstanding design support, but also conceptual proposals that offers harmony between design, feasibility, innovation, and market needs. FID provides you with a complete service, from market research and product planning, to user interface and media design.

Mechanical Design

FIH possesses comprehensive know-how and expertise in metal and plastic formation. FIH continuously invests in forming and decoration techniques that suit the specific needs of Creators at low cost.

Metal Forming Techniques

  • Stamping, Forging, Die-casting, Extrusion, Metal injection molding, CNC to form complex structures.
  • Current focus on aluminium alloy.

Metal Decorations

  • Visual decoration experience in PVD, ED, Anodizing, Printing, Ink Filling, Painting. Two-tone effects, gradient effects, and high-gloss effects.
  • Textural surface treatment experience in polishing, sandblasting, brushing, chemical etching, laser marking and perforation. Enameling, powder coating, diamond cutting, roller forming, etc.
  • Current focus on exploring areas in functional coatings that would further protect the premium values of metallic surfaces.

Plastic Forming Techniques

  • Insert- and two-shot molding technology that allows new molding techniques - glass insertion, visual artwork insertion, metal adhesive, two-shot depth effect, two- shot waterproof sealing.
  • Continuously developing and applying new resins.

Plastic Decorations

  • Visual decoration experience in painting, NCVM, IML, IMD, printing. Laser marking, NMVM (non-metallic PVD), and advanced printing on plastic surfaces.
  • Textural surface treatment experience in soft-touch painting, selective electroplating, logo assembly. Metallic logo, leather and fiber series application, special in-mold textures.
  • Currently developing next-generation, mostly automated coating-and-assembly lines.