Angye Frackowiak
Angye Frackowiak
Head of Business Development at Other Machine Company
Austin, United States
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Company Website: Other Machine Company

Your designers, engineers, and technicians can prototype PCBs and mechanical parts same day, in-house, and save on R&D cost and time with the Othermill Pro desktop milling machine. US only.

Other Machine Co. is a Berkeley-based manufacturer of high-precision desktop CNC (computer numerical control) milling machines, used primarily for prototyping electronics and aluminum mechanical parts. The Othermill Pro is portable, compact, quiet, and can mill PCBs with the same precision as a circuit board manufacturer, right on your desktop. This machine allows you to beat the board house on time and cost without sacrificing on precision. There’s no training required and their software, Otherplan, imports familiar design file formats like Gerbers, .brd, and G-code.

The Othermill Pro is the best solution for people who want to iterate quickly on designs when tolerance matters. Contact me for a quote or file review to see if you can improve your time to market and reduce cost with the Othermill Pro! Sold within the US only.


Same-Day PCBs

Beat the board house on time and cost without sacrificing on trace and space.

Familiar File Formats

Import .brd and Gerber files directly into our software, choose a milling tool, and mill your board.


The Othermill Pro is your in-house board house, reliably producing 6 mil trace and space for double-sided boards.

The Othermill PCB Workflow


Small Part CNC

Prototype small parts without going to the machine shop.

Perfect for Small Parts

Whether you are prototyping in aluminum or plastic, the Othermill Pro gives you professional-quality output.

Working Volume: 5.5 × 4.5 × 1.6 in (140 × 114 × 40.6 mm)

Resolution: 0.001 in (0.025 mm)


The Othermill Pro is fully enclosed, with safety lockout windows to minimize dust and noise.

Footprint: 10.25 × 10 × 12.75 in (260 × 254 × 324 mm)

Weight: 16.8 lb (7.62 kg)

The Othermill CNC Parts Workflow


Elegant Software

Features like automatic calibration and pre-loaded tools make it easy to get started.

Simplified Setup

Building hardware is hard enough without having to wrangle with software. The Othermill Pro runs with Otherplan, a new approach to machine control that simplifies setup and easily imports G-code, Gerbers, and EAGLE files.


Otherplan runs on Windows 7+ and Mac OS X 10.8+ and supports files from many popular software tools.