Angelo Conte
Angelo Conte
Electronic Engineer at Pseydos Srl
Treviso, Italy
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Company Website: Pseydos Srl

I'm an electronic engineer with expertise in both hardware and firmware design. I have worked in sensors data acquisition and on very low power micro-controllers. I'm also familiar with PCB design and PC software development


About Pseydos

Pseydos is a young, innovative startup, born as a R&D spin-off from Oikia R&V srl. Moreover, Pseydos cooperates with an experienced company, specialized in design, installation, maintenance and assistance of technological electrical systems.

The Research and Development team recently contributed to the development of an innovative high altitude wind power project, helping in the design and test of the brand new technologies exploited.

Activities and projects

Pseydos srl main activities are the design, development, production and marketing of products, solutions, services and innovative plants with high technological value apt to improve the environment, quality of life and energy saving.

The Team's expertise ranges from electronics design, either consumer or industrial power electronics, to ICT solutions and software design and analysis. Pseydos srl has joined forces with the ICT innovation cluster.

Pseydos is now looking for support, either from partners and from public funds. We take into great account EU calls for proposal, especially those related to Fiware accelerators.

╬╝Current is a recently developed project, taken from a David L. Jones idea, for a device that is capable of measuring nano-ampere currents, along with a general purpose logger for measured data.

A smart building automation device for energy efficiency is being developed. Soon you'll be hearing about it!