Anemone Ventures
Anemone Ventures
Marketing and Research Manager at Anemone Ventures
Taipei, Taiwan
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Anemone Ventures is a management consulting firm supporting technological start-ups and SMEs entering Asia or expanding overseas from Asia. With in-depth industry knowledge, network and broad capabilities, Anemone Ventures enables companies to broaden their business activities in a cost-effective way.

Headquartered in Taipei with representation in Israel and Poland, Anemone Ventures’ industry knowledge and connections with local businesses constitute a reliable compass to find the most suitable commercial partners. Anemone Ventures' reach has brought forward partnerships, co-developments projects, sales growth and strategic alliances.

Anemone Ventures’ clients are mostly technology startups and SMEs with unique competitive advantages. Anemone Ventures’ scope of industry stretches from semiconductors, PCB, PV, TFT & LCD, LED, industrial automation & smart factory; to life science, green & renewable energy, water & agriculture, surveillance, cloud computing & data centers and Internet of Things.

Our business services include market entry, business development, ground representation, sourcing, supporting M&A opportunities and bringing technology opportunities to emerging markets.

Our Services

Backed by a proven record of success, we provide full ground services that enable you to reach opportunities in the Asian market in an effective way.

Market Entry

  • Strategic entry
  • Market watch
  • Feasibility study

Business Development

  • Establishing your local presence
  • M&A and strategic investments
  • Partnerships and channels development

Ground Representation

  • Seek new opportunities
  • Your ears on the ground
  • Serve as your liaison office