Andy Yang
Andy Yang
Sales Manager at Shenzhen HHY Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen, China
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HHY Electronic Technology Co.Ltd was founded in 2008, specialized in LED power supplies and mobile phone accessories including chargers, cables, earphones and other electronic device accessories. We are focusing on R&D, manufacture and sales of 3C digital accessories. Our professional management team had developed a high-efficiency automatic management system by analyzing products, procurement, manufacturing management, quality control, delivery arrangement and after-sales service, just in order to provide the best products, quality, price, lead time, service and reliability to our clients.


USB Phone Charger

Black and white minimalist designColor is an important part or the product's unique taste.We also consider the actual use of usb mobile phone charger in the home, work and other environment. Designers


Fixed Pin Quick Charger 2.0

The use of advanced high-pass fast charge quick charger 2.0 technology,ergonomic design, built-in smart IC chip from Texas instruments fully compatible with digital equipment, fast charging to the dev


USB Fast Charger EP-TA20

Maximum 1.67A Fast chargerThe USB charger can be fast for a variety of mobile phones,ipad,Galaxy,Tab and other mobile devices to provide adequate power, up to shorten the charging time of 35% or more.



108W/120W DoE VI Desktop Adapter, get protection including OCP, SCP, OVP, OTP, ensure your safe and long time use.Features:Electrical Specifications:Model No.CC00326EfficiencyDoE Level VI & CoC V5 ti


Slim Qi Certified Triple Coils Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless charger pad, don't need cable for connection, easy and convenient for charging your mobile phone.Slim Qi Certified Triple Coils Wireless Charging Pad


USB 3.1 Type C Adapter

45W USB 3.1 Type C Adapter is an ideal charging solution for mobile devices. It has 3 output voltage:5V, 12V & 20V. It works with mobile devices following PD standards, including Chromebook and Macbook


HDMI To VGA Adaptor

Product Description 1. Audio and video synchronization transmission2. Gold plating interface to make the product more durable3. Powered by backupto USB, resolve the incompatibility4. The shell is made


Contact NowDisplayport Cable

DisplayPort is the ultimate for a complete digital setup and is fast replacing standard DVI, VGA & LVDS ports in new PC's & laptops.Unlike previous advancements that made preceding connections redun