Andy Wang
Andy Wang
Sales Manager at Dragon-lily International Co., Limited
Shenzhen, China
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Dragon-lily is a LED manufacturer, with production facility in Shenzhen, producing home LED, commercial lighting and outdoor pool lighting.

We have strong R&D abilities, we develop 10~20 new products each year, and we are close to the newest trend and newest technology.

We made most of the drivers by ourselves, which enable us to have control over cost and quality.

Now, we are cooperating with some multi-media scheme companies and software companies to work out some new lighting products, like Wifi and bluetooth, which will become part of smart home.

We are professionals in R&D, production and marketing, we have a strong R&D team and production team, the person in charge has been in LED field as a leader for more than 5 years, so we develop excellent products, with no technical problems & on-time delivery. Our structure is simple, which means high working efficiency, so we can act quickly and work flexibly.

We take customer needs as the utmost importance, and our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers. In addition, we focus on maintaining good relationship with our suppliers, as well as developing our excellent staff.

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