Andy Lu
Andy Lu
Vice General Manager at Shenzhen Focus Global Logistics Corporation Ltd.
Shenzhen, China
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Shenzhen Focus Global Logistics Corporation Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Focus Global Logistics) is a subsidiary company of Focus Global Supply Chain Management Corporation Ltd. Focus Global Logistics has been set up under approval of Shenzhen Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau for international logistics business. At the same time we are also certified as NVOCC (NVOCC No. MOC-NV06631).

Focus Global Logistics has been aiming and focusing on international logistics services with perspective management principles and innovative operation mode. We have built a safe and effective global logistics platform by integrating our global and domestic resources and advanced IT system. Now we are proud of our one-stop services including sea freight, air freight, land transportation, customs brokerage, warehousing, distribution and insurance, etc.

Our complete domestic and overseas agency network enables us to provide professional international logistics services, esp. in countries along “one-belt-one-road” area we have outstanding ability to satisfy clients’ diverse requirements.

During past 15 years, we have been highly devoted us into “one-belt-one-road” countries, and now our strong market includes Southeast Asia, Japan & Korea, Middle East, Red Sea and Indian Subcontinent. Based on deep understanding of our clients’ demand, we provide below products and services:


International Freight Forwarding

We have a comprehensive network of domestic and overseas agents, can provide a variety of extension services in the world, to meet the full range of customer needs.


Our advantage is manifested not only on routes, tariffs and aging, but also in the quality of service can be extended to provide the departure and destination. We work with many shipping companies have a good strategic partnership. In Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Middle East, India, Europe and America have a long-term stable cooperation agency, providing timely DDU, DDP and offer value-added services overseas warehouse processing.

Business Scope

Undertake maritime transport services throughout the import and export, from the main seaport of China Import and intermodal services to the rest of the world;

International agency networks and services

Import and export declarations / inspection, warehousing / distribution business;


We provide professional aviation logistics services, capacity, price, personalized service have a strong advantage, safe and accurate our operations, our cordial meticulous service, we have a sound operational management system, to provide customers with diversified personalized transport portfolio, we guarantee to do the "fast, steady, accurate."

Import and export air cargo transportation agency business

Export: home delivery, packaged goods, booking, Shanzhi documents, puzzle board package, customs agents;

Imports: cargo clearance, inspection, inspection, cargo and spin-to-door delivery;

Transport business: the major domestic airport customs transport services to neighboring areas.

The new cross-border transport cooperation is mainly relying on the warehouse logistics park, providing storage delivery to the east, south client, customs clearance, LTL and vehicle to cross-border transport operations in Vietnam and Thailand.

Mode of operation: based bonded logistics park ends to resolve cross-border road transport between China and ASEAN.

Exhibition Logistic

Shenzhen Focus Exhibition Logistics Department, a technical operator in exhibition logistics, is mainly committed to provide overall solutions and implementing actual operations for exhibitors. We are in a rich possession of team members, not only experienced but also professional. During long-term cooperation with professional overseas agents from Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Australia, strong strategic cooperative partnership has been deep-rootedly established in order to provide a thorough service platform for international transportation, customs clearance and exhibit arrangement.

Project Logistics

Project Logistics, one of our core business , mainly serve for domestic and international project events through professional team and integration of current logistics resources to provide all our valued clients a complete logistics solution , including pre-project consultation, cost and risk management, and comprehensive multi-model transportation .

Pre-project Consultation

In the initial process of the project, workable solutions and logistics cost and possible risks will be accurately and thoroughly studied and evaluated.

We can also utilize practically technical skills on program optimization, transportation mode settlement, logistics cost calculation, package design, lifting, binding and leashing programs.

Full multi-model transportation service

ViewSCM project logistics is fairly experienced in handling over-limit cargo and show extraordinary capacity of solving problems in transportation, lifting, stuffing, movement and package.

Considering cargo dimension and prosperities, we can easily provide service of door-to-door multi-model transportation by special trailer, barge ,railway ,container, break-bulk vessel,equipment transportation vessel and Ro-Ro vessel. Besides, diverse services like terminal operation, import and export customs clearance, tax payment are also supported accordingly.

Cost Management & Risk Control

Taking transportation conditions and cost into consideration, we can design specific operation flow for our clients with individual requirements in haulage track, transportation mode, package design, in order to eliminate transportation risks and also to lower logistics cost.

It enables us to sharply reduce logistics cost by strongly armed domestic and international logistics networks, focused transportation field of heavy and bulky cargo, integrated sources and stable long-term cooperation with professional shipping companies and domestic special truck companies.

Standard operation flow in each step will be carefully made by our experienced team members to predict possible risks, thus to make alternative plan in advance. Spot survey and supervision will be arranged by our specialists to ensure successful development.

In recent years, we ViewSVM is rapidly growing in project logistics with certain market positioning, customer first service philosophy, and specialized logistics team. It greatly win us client’ trusty and affirmation by concentrated core logistics services of equipment manufacturing , petroleum and chemicals, power project, international EPC project, engineering and construction and large-scale steel construction.

Industrial Application Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing industry

Clients Requirements Analysis

The machinery & equipment manufacturing industry has developed speedily since 2006. Given the sharp growth of this industry, a certain number of machinery & equipment manufacturers have became prominent international players. The trends of this industry are cluster-oriented, data-oriented, service oriented and brand-oriented. The elevation of the collective international competitiveness of the industry generates higher demand toward the logistics service provider. The faster, cheaper, safer and more considerate services are needed by our client, the more professional logistics services are required. The speedy development and approval of ViewSCM project logistics is result from meeting market requirements and satisfying actual needs from customers old and new.


Higher demand for logistics especially for international logistics is more keenly needed in Machinery& equipment manufacturing industry due to cargo specialties like oversize, overweight, anomalous shape, high value, precision or damage. ViewSCM project logistics is able to provide systematical and technical services to meet clients’ needs.

Negotiation Support

With the unusual high value of products in this industry, pre-contract negotiation tends to be complicated and operation period of the project tends to be long. The logistics cost plays a significant role to the overall production cost. ViewSCM will base on the supply cycle of the specific product in that specific timeframe to analyze and estimate the logistics cost. With this

optimized transportation program, our clients are able to strengthen their bargaining position in the negotiation process.

Domestic Transportation

Oversize and overweight are common product characteristics in machinery & equipment manufacturing sector. With this in nature, it poses great challenge in arranging point to point land transport. We possess thorough knowledge of all different transportation modes. We will evaluate all feasible options along with the cost consideration and recommend the most viable logistics solutions to our clients.

International Transportation

With the dedication in handling irregular cargo in international sea freight, ViewSCM is the nominated agent of numerous domestic and international vessel owners who are specialized in equipment transportation in China . Their vessels equipped with heavy lifting crane are ideal carrier for oversized cargo. Our professional and vast operation experience in sea-rail intermodal, road-rail intermodal and sea-road intermodal services enhance our total capability as a one-stop-shop international transportation service provider of all kinds.

Goal & Objective

To assist equipment manufacturer in market development. Minimize logistics cost and risk in international trade transportation, elevate the international competitiveness for the product of our equipment manufacturer.

As one of our core business, we serve both domestic and international projects. Utilizing modern logistics network and our resources integration ability to provide a worldwide coverage of multimodal transportation service, serving our clients with pre-project consultation, risk control management and comprehensive multimodal logistics solution.

Project Logistics

As one of our core business, we serve both domestic and international projects. Utilizing modern logistics network and our resources integration ability to provide a worldwide coverage of multimodal transportation service, serving our clients with pre-project consultation, risk control management and comprehensive multimodal logistics solution.

Service Scope

Multimodal Transportation service

Consistent with the specification and the characteristics need of the cargo to be transported, we are able to arrange special tow truck, barge, railway, container, break-bulk vessel, equipment are able to arrange special tow truck, barge, railway, container, break-bulk vessel, equipment transportation vessel and RO-RO vessel to provide a multimodal door-to-door transportation service.

Pre-project Consultation

ViewSCM is capable of providing feasibility study, logistics cost estimation, logistics risk assessment service starting right from the inception of the project. We can also provide inputs on program optimization, transportation mode confirmation, logistics cost calculation and technical supports on packing design, lifting, binding and leashing programs.

Cost Management and Risk Control

Our professional project logistics team, armed with a strong domestic and international logistics network resources, will base on the individual requirement of our clients to create a detailed and standardized operation flow to anticipate all possible risk and contingency plan for elimination of such risk, employing the most suitable solution to lower logistics cost.

Service Field

With our customer-first concept, our professional team specialize and focus on logistics service to the machinery & equipment manufacturing industry, petro-chemical industry, electric plant project , international engineering, procurement and construction project, architectural project and mega steel structure project. Our competitive edge was clearly demonstrated with our participation on various supply chain management service in previous large international project and special cargoes