Andrew Wei
Andrew Wei
Chief Operating Officer at Electronics Tomorrow Ltd.
Hong Kong, China
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With over 25 years experience in the consumer electronics industry, Electronics Tomorrow Limited (ETL) has a good reputation for our manufacturing with innovation, design, quality and delivery. We help startups with design for manufacturing, project management and tweeks in all areas.

Based in Hong Kong, ETL is a manufacturer with its own manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, PRC, specialized in developing and manufacturing a wide range of consumer electronics, wireless applications, radio-frequency and audio-visual products.

  • Propietery Wireless Radio Frequency Data Transmission Products
  • Bluetooth data transfer, wifi, nfc, rfid
  • Radio-controlled time piece
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Digital Navigations
  • Sensor Application Products
  • App and firmware development

With years of hand-on experiences in conforming industrial norms, market challenges, stringent environmental regulations and quality requirements, ETL gains its faith and successfully solicits the business from the many renowned branded customers Globally.

With our industrial expertise in the niche products and markets, passion, creativity and commitment, we will continue to achieve a healthy and sustainable growth of the company.


ODM product range




Equipped with hi-speed SLA prototyping machines and 3D printers which enable us converting ideas into a 3D prototype within a short period of time.

I.C. bonding


Equipped with ASM precision ultrasonic aluminum wire wedge bonding machines, which I.C. is bonded onto PCB. 100% technical & functional check (e.g. bond pad width test, wire pull test) will be performed after bonding for quality assurance.



Equipped with lead-free surface mounting production lines which PCBAs fulfill with the requirement of RoHS of European Community. Surface mount component sizing from 0201 as well as BGA format.

Assembling lines


Equipped with lead-free assembling lines, which semi-assembled components are assembled into complete products.

Green compliance department


This department is dedicated to monitoring green design and green procurement to ensure all the components and complete products are environmentally friendly and complies with environmental / safety regulations such as RoHS, WEEE, REACH in EU and California proposition 65 in the US.