Amy Song
Amy Song
International Sales Center Sales Manager at Hunan Soundon New Energy Co., Ltd
Hunan, China
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Soundon New Energy is invested by China leading environmental protection enterprise---Soundon Group, specializing in lithium battery research and development as well asintegrated solutions. Soundon is committed to key materials, battery systems, basic technology research and development, power battery innovation platform and other lithiumbattery energy research and production. (BMS), battery pack (PACK), battery cloud platform research and development; Internet + retired battery recycling, retired battery step use, waste battery recycling technology, etc.Our business covered lithium battery cathode material, precursor field, forming a complete lithium ecological chain. The lithium battery products are widely used in pure electric passenger cars, pure electric commercial vehicles, pure electric vehicles, smart grid, wind energy storage, large UPS,telecommunication station, advanced electric tools etc. Soundon has a technical management team with a doctorate or master's degree or a holder of inventions as the main force, relying on the platform advantages such as the Soundon Group Technology Center and the postdoctoral workstations, and Tsinghua University, Hunan University, Central South University, Xiangtan University and other schools carrying out frontier technology production and research cooperation, in the lithiumion battery materials, power lithium battery and pack technology, battery management systems and other key core components have a leading technology. Soundon passed ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environment system and TS16949 automotive industry system ; our products have passed ROHS, CE, UN38.3, QCT743, GB / T31484, GB / T31485, GB / T31486 and other international, domestic the 3rd party authority certification and telecommunications industry Taier system certification. It was awarded the certificate of hightech enterprises in Hunan Province and Xiangtan City, Soundon new energy focus on the development of green energy, and will continue to innovate in this area, and constantly improve the lithium battery and lithium battery materials research and development, leading the lithium battery industry.


Cathode Material system

Soundon new energy li-ion battery cathode material has following type: SM1/SM11 LiMn2O4 (power type), SM2/SM3 LiMn2O4, , SN1/ SN2/ SN3 NCM (LiNiCoMnO2), SN4 NCM (storage type), SN5 NCA and SF1A LiFePO4.

Lithium ion Battery system


Proficient production, making extraordinary quality.

Intelligent manufacturing, leading to victory future.

Accurate and quick customer service, compose Soundon unique professional market reputation.

In Soundon production philosophy, product quality and customer experience has a supreme position.

In the processing, Soundon pursues the excellence of every craft.

In service,Soundon strives for every process to be perfect.

Soundon covering 100000㎡ standard plant. All production lines are with high-end equipment. When phase 2 and phase 3 plant completed, Soundon will adopt the top production mode of lithium electricity industry which with high intelligence, high digital and high automatic "robot + AGV + stereoscopic warehouse" This kind of production mode can realize standardized and elaborate streamline.


Ecological Chain

Energy Storage Solution


Electric vehicle solutions



Intelligence Solution

Lithium Cloud+Parking Charge Cloud Intelligence Solution

Easy parking charge —— Intelligent charging integration