Amy Shropshire
Amy Shropshire
Marketing and Communications Professional at YEI Technology
Portsmouth, United States
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Company Website: YEI Technology


I love crafting compelling stories of how customers are using products/services, editing out that one sneaky word that turns a response to a question heard 100s of times from snarky to stellar, and following up to make sure someone got his/her project off and running. I don't use scripted responses in my emails (even those massive conference follow-ups) and I LOVE writing hand-written thank you / birthday / happy Wednesday cards to customers.

ABOUT YEI Technology:

Our corporate philosophy is one of innovation and an unwavering support of research and development. We encourage research in a number of interest areas, regardless of any immediate applicability to product offerings. We believe that such projects allow us to retain outstanding employees, as well as encourage and sharpen their already impressive skills.

Products and services offered to our clients are designed to be optimal solutions for a reasonable price, and all products and services include unlimited technical and user support. Our products and services are continually updated to meet the challenge of changing needs and requirements. We have a diverse product line, reflecting the unusual blend of interests, talents and abilities amongst the YEI staff. Customer support staff for each product are hired for their specific expertise and experience in the clients' industry. We do not hire "salespeople." We hire individuals with relevant industry and academic experience who can aid in both product design and development, as well as assisting clients with implementation and real-world solutions.

YEI offers a relaxed, friendly, team environment for employees. The dress code is casual, and staff members routinely bring semi-well-behaved dogs to the office. We also share our space with office cats and turtles. The office includes a kitchen and full shower facilities and employees enjoy flexible work hours. Company activities include an annual company trip to Kings Island, 4th of July fireworks party on the roof, on-site table tennis and exercise equipment, on-site gaming lounge, movie nights at the local theater, and special dining experiences throughout the year.