Amy Li
Amy Li
Senior Market Manager at Hong Kong LPLUS Technology Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen, China
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It’s Amy, senior marketing manager of HK LPLUS Technology Limited, which is a full service of project evaluation, manufacturing and engineering company specially serve for STARTUPs and CREATERs.

we are an engineered based company. Currently, we have about 35 engineers who are mainly project manager, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, software engineer, DFM engineer, NPI engineer, SQE and so on. Most of them are from the TOP3 contract manufacturing factories, such as FOXCONN, Flextronics and so on, who have rich experience to bring products from design to mass production in time and at cost.

OUR MAIN SERVICES: 1. Project Evaluation: DFM Analysis, BOM Review, Manufacturing cost, Packaging review, and estimated manufacturing schedule. 2. Manufacturing: CM selection, Schedule follow up, Supply chain management, Work instruction/Quality plan creation and implementation, On-site engineering support, Certification, Product lifecycle cost down, IP Protection Solution and so on. 3. Engineering: Providing a turnkey engineering support: Mechanical design, Electrical design, Firmware development, APP development and Simulation. 4. Sourcing: Provide one-stop sourcing solution, help to reduce the manufacturing cost

OUR VISION: Help our customers (mainly creators and startup companies) to improve their design, select the most suitable supplier, manufacturing the highest quality products at cost.

DISTINCT BENEFITS: 1. Resource: hundreds of reputable and qualified suppliers database. 2. Convenience: Dealing with Chinese factories requires a lot of experience in terms of effective communication, product quality control process, shipping and export management 3. Strong engineering: we have over 35 engineers team. 4. Low risk: We help you pre-qualify suppliers, monitor production constantly and inspect quality before shipment 5. Low cost 6. Quality assurance: Well established quality assurance processes and dedicated QC team.

If you have plan to build you product in China, or you need the external designing services, LPLUS will be the your best partner. Our team in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Europe will provide you seamless, professional services.