Amy Lee
Amy Lee
Sales Manager at Autotronic Enterprise Co., Ltd
New Taipei, Taiwan
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Aecl (Autotronic Enterprise Co., Ltd) is a company and factory based in Taiwan, and Taiwan only.

We have nearly 40 years experiences on industrial safety, HVAC system, security system and superb skill of product application in IoT, Smart home and wearable.

With 2 factories and amazing RD team, we also customize and ODM, OEM for our clients.

Founded in 1976, AECL has been engaged in developing and producing industrial instruments for many years. Our industrial instruments are designed to provide signal conversions and surge protection in automation control systems. They are broadly used in the water treatment, chemical, semiconductor, HVAC and food industries.

Not only providing high-quality products, AECL also acts as the distributor for +GF+ SIGNET, +GF+, FLOWLINE and SIEMENS, which are leaders in their related industries. In addition, foreseeing the potential of environmental management, AECL has started developing a series of temperature & humidity transmitters, energy meters and even CO2 transmitters, and has become the sole sales agent in Taiwan for SENSIRION, the top sensor manufacturer in Switzerland. In responding to the request of gas sensors from custoemrs, Aecl introduce gas sensors from SGX and DD-Scientific, which are famous UK suppliers providing complete series of gas sensors.

With our reliable quality and innovative technology, Weltec Enterprise Co., Ltd. was set up 1991, and since then has been expanding our business field to the security industry, while building an excellent reputation. Our intelligent security system includes a series of advanced technology products including transmitters, card readers, sensors, home security kits, and many more innovative products. Committed to our core policies, AECL continues to work, developing state-of-the-art technology and stringent quality control measures to ensure the reliability of our products. TUV ISO 9001 certification and CE certifications for our series of industrial products are our guarantees to our customers of quality and reliability.

With our team of dedicated professionals, AECL not only focuses on the domestic market; we are also is filled with the ambition to open up the global market for our worldwide service network.