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Company Website: IPassion Technology

ABOUT iPassion Technology:

iPassion is a fabless IC design company that designs, develops and sells multimedia signal processing ICs and system solutions that integrate both hardware and software innovations for web camera applications. Web cameras have found wide applications in videoconferencing whereby people can view and talk with each other, and also in video security where web-connected cameras are set to monitor movement and sound. iPassion is dedicated to providing high-performance and cost-effective web camera IC chips, together with reliable software drivers and functions.

iPassion was established in December 2006 as a professional IC design house. Its founding members consist of a group of entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley in the U.S., and talented IC engineers and marketing veterans from Science Park in Taiwan. They share a common vision and insightful understanding of the webcam market and also have good grasp of technical know-how to serve the market. iPassion has put on the market a series of webcam processors ICs, which have quickly been approved and adopted by many webcam makers. iPassion is primed to play a major enabling role in the global progress of multimedia lifestyle.

iPassion will continue to leverage its R&D capabilities to develop more competitive and diversified state-of-the-art IC products. It is committed to becoming the most valued IC supplier and partner of its customers.


Video controller IC for IoT device, e.g. WiFi Camera , WiFi Door bell, pet feeding machine. It's output interfaces are USB, UART, SDIO / SPI. It also equipped audio function to implement 2 ways talk.