Amit Saxena
Amit Saxena
Co-Founder & CTO at Alba Consulting Pvt Ltd.
Pune, India
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Building Smart Reality

We are a new age technology services company with a single-minded approach on IOT, M2M enabled Solutions and Product design using disruptive techniques in Machine learning, Big data analytics , Mobility applications and Artificial intelligence with the power of the Cloud to build a unique, solution based, future ready sustainable business for you.

Committed to work relentlessly to build world class products, at the centre of everything we do.

Leading the IoT Pathway

Once a just a trend, the Internet of Things is fast becoming reality that is changing the world in which we live in. Experts estimate that the IoT will consist of almost 50 billion objects by 2020. Forecasts are that connected things will be in use worldwide and will reach over 20 billion by 2020. Approx 5.5 million new things/devices are getting connected every day to the Internet.

We help businesses across the board, by introducing IoT and technology, rethink products and services strategy and redefine relationships with customers, employees and partners.


Hardware design

With expertise on hardware design and development, we work with you to prototype and design IoT Solution. Prototype design can help in validating the concept, use case evaluation, feature implementation, before making a quantum decision investments.

Firmware Development

We work in embedded firmware development considering robust IoT framework with proven skills and support required to deliver seamless experience for internet connected devices.

Manufacturing Support

With our experience, we provide consulting in IoT product manufacturing and production, including mechanical design and assembly. We help in making the IoT product market ready for consumer with all support required for certifications like BIS, UL, CE, FCC etc.

IoT Mobile Apps

No IoT product is complete without robust control and monitoring application. We work on design and development of server side interface along with development of mobile app to monitor, control and data collection from IoT devices.

Cloud & Data Collection

Cloud is the integral part of IoT ecosystem. We have required skills to develop cloud aware applications, which can auto scale and use cloud characteristics. The cloud applications are used for IoT device management, control, data collection and analytics.

Machine Learning & Analytics

We learn and analyse business drivers for our customers to develop innovative products and solutions, by leveraging IOT and M2M technologies. We aim to enhance the current market reach, develop new revenue streams and enriched user experience in a connected world. We specialize in new IOT product design, development and upgrading existing products.







We exist to discover the Unique competitive advantage that new technology IOT and M2M can bring to your business and puts you on the right track for a quick deployment on proven platforms and solutions. Our core process works at enhancing your current market reach, developing new revenue streams and enriching the user experience in an inter-connected world.


C, C++, Rust, Python, Go, Java, Obective C, Swift, .Net, Elixir, Erlang, Node.JS, Linux, Embedded Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, FreeRTOS, Yocto


MongoDB, Aerospike, HBase.

Cloud Platforms

Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace, IBM Bluemix.


Texas Instruments: Davinci, Sitara, OMAP, C2000, C5000, C6000.

FreeScale: i.MX Solo & Solo Lite, Analogue Devices, GainSpan modules.

IoT Security

Discrete devices, heterogeneous architecture and volume of sensitive data transfer defines today's IoT devices and IoT networks. The network communication among devices and application poses risk of intrusion, data and identity theft. Security is a complex problem with connected things in IoT space.

For an organizations developing and deploying IoT specific solutions, the security should be the foundation of the eco system.

The challenge comes when implementing security solutions in constraint hardware devices. Implementing solutions to manage role based authorization and authentication of secure communication channel between end point IoT device and multiple different applications is the foundation for IoT Security. We at Alba Consulting understand IoT security space, we provide hardware based security, securing communication channel, backend services and systems.


Internet of Things is moving from a centralized structure to a complex network of decentralized smart devices. 99.4% of the physical objects that may one day be part of the internet of things are still unconnected. Keeping this ginormous scope of work in mind, while nations are committing to reduce CO2 emissions, adopting efficient technologies to produce renewable energy creating a sustainable environment, our focus is on creating a secure- internet of everything bringing together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before.

Building advanced solutions which will make environment, lifestyle and businesses future ready.

Smart City Applications

Vision to provide urban development that integrates cities assets through information and technology and provide a higher quality of life.

A city wide network strategy for fast growing economies, to provide real time valuable information on the flow of citizens, infrastructure, with clean energy, smart street lighting, controlled environmental pollution, managed transport and traffic and informed weather conditions and more.

Automation & Security

To manage, connect, control & measure things we care about: security, intelligent lighting, smart thermostat, smart appliances and utilities working on cloud based surveillance and intrusion monitoring. Managing your day to day chores at finger tips and voice commands using simple interfaces and helping you make informed decisions.

Industrial & Automotive

Transforming manufacturing processes, as we move towards the fourth industrial revolution Industry 4.0. Dynamic response and real-time optimization of manufacturing, powered and secured by smart semiconductor solutions, capable of sharing information and optimizing processes across the entire value chain.

Making industrial applications and smart manufacturing future enabled.

Fitness & Healthcare

Wearables make technology pervasive by interweaving it into daily life. It is related to both smart computing and the developing of wearable computers. It has a huge potential in both personal and business usage, synchronize data and communication from other gadgets, as a navigation tool and more.

One of the most interesting fields of application of wearable technology is monitoring systems for assisted living and eldercare.