Ameen Sayeed
Ameen Sayeed
Founder & CEO at WaferLabs
Bengaluru, India
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Company Website: WaferLabs

What is SenseAct Technology

SenseAct is an artificial Intelligence platform by Waferlabs that can sense your customers' queries, and take actions based on their needs. The result is that your customer queries will be answered more accurately without delay.

Instant Customer Interaction

Your customers' queries will be dealt with priority and answered instantly with artificial intelligence powered SenseAct technology. The result is happy customers!

Decreased Churn rate

Usually there is 15% increase in churn rate due to bad customer service. With most of your customers queries answered instantly by our technology, this churn increase could be cut.

Just like Humans

Customers hate bots! So do we. That is why our SenseAct technology understands your customers' sentiments and interacts based on their moods.

Perfect lead generator

SenseAct combines the power of Twitter to give you lowest ever targeted leads, providing higher ROI on advertising.

Powerful Integration

We easily plug API’s that can be integrated with your existing platforms / customer helpdesk softwares / Apps, Support SMS, Twitter & Telegram. You can use SMS , Twitter , Telegram, etc as a platform that connects you and your customers.

If you are spending even 0.5% of your revenues on customer support, then SenseAct is a must for your brand.

We recommend brands / enterprises to use SenseAct if their customer retention is low, or don't have dedicated support on social channels like Twitter.