Ame Chong
Ame Chong
Account Manager at Shenzhen X-Powers Technology co., Ltd
Shenzhen, China
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X-Powers is a fabless design company dedicated to power management applications and other smart analog IC designs. due to its cutting edge power management technology in power gauge, power management, system applications, as well as its various patented analog design technology, X-Powers releases its high performance and cost competitive AXP series PMICs, which are now widely implemented in consumer electronics, medical electronics, education, automative in dash devices, communication, smart home devices, and industrial control fields, such as tablet PCs, smartphones, student PCs, vehicle navigation, routers/ TV boxex, video security, POSs, etc.


PMIC /Power Management IC



AXP152 is a highly integrated power management IC that provides easy and flexible power solution for applications that require multi-rail outputs. It has fully met the increasingly complex needs of application processors on accurate power control.

AXP152 integrates an adaptive and USB-compatible PWM charger, four step-down converters (Buck DC-DC converter), seven low dropout regulators. It also features protection circuitry such as over/under-voltage protection (OVP/UVP), over-temperature protection, and over-current protection (OCP) to guarantee the power system security and stability.

In addition, AXP152 includes a Two Wire Serial Interface (TWSI), through which the application processor is capable of enabling/disabling some power outputs, programming the voltage to decrease the power consumption, and provides customers with unprecedented experience of power management. AXP152 is available in an 5mm x 5mm 40-pin QFN package.

Audio Codec



The AC100 is a highly integrated audio codec and RTC subsystem designed for tablet and smart mobile application platforms. It has three I2S/PCM interface, 2 channel 24bit DAC and 2 channel 24bit ADC with a high level of mixed-signal integration. Three audio interface are available in order to provide independent and fully asynchronous connections to multiple processors, typically such as an application processor, baseband and bluetooth transceiver. It integrates true-ground capless headphone driver to deliver high quality and power-efficient headphone playback without any requirement for DC block capacitors.

AC100 is controlled through I2C or RSB. It works only in slave mode.

AC100 also supports three I2S/PCM interfaces to provide independent and fully asynchronous connection to multiple processors and supports 8KHz~192KHz sample rates in both master&slave modes. The asynchronous sample rate converters can enable more than one I2S interface operate entirely asynchronously, allowing digital audio data to be routed between two asynchronous I2S interface and mixed together.