Aman Gupta
Aman Gupta
Director at ThingTrax Ltd
London, United Kingdom
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We are an Industrial IOT Company helping manufacturers reduce downtime and increase efficiency by providing end to end solution for monitoring machine, motors and operators.

ThingTrax Gateway Device connects to most of the PLCs machines which are found on Injection Moulding machines. It can directly get data using many industry standard field bus protocols. This device has built in ThingTrax RFID capabilities which is used to determine which operator is working on which machine in real time.

Our Cloud platform gets data from devices in near real time. The data is analysed and can then be accessed from our Cloud web frontend and Android mobile app.



Our Smart Gateways Capture data from Legacy and New machines PLC.


Our Data capture device captures data from analog and digital sensors.


We also supply various sensors like industrial accelerometers and other sensors to help you capture what matters you most.


Our Operator Sensors capture data from Human and mobile assets deployed on shop floor.

Cloud Platform

We send actionable insight directly to your mobile.

We give you Overall Equipment efficiency of your machine, floor and factory, to help you pin point where you need to focus more to get maximum value of your time and money.

Our Industry specific machine learning algorithms and AI platform predicts Remaining Useful Life and Time to Failure.

Our Platform alerts you before a motor or machine is going to go down by analysing data captured using our devices and analysing Historical trends.

Our Platform intelligently built up operator’s efficiency and skill ratings to help you maximise your production.

Successful Story

Monitoring Solutions for Plastic Injection Moulding Machinery

An India-based manufacturer and supplier of battery components and plastic products came to ThingTrax with several challenges they were encountering on the factory floor. ThingTrax solved these issues through machine, motor, and operator monitoring solutions.


Increased Efficiency by 5% within first 24 hours of Installation.