Allon Cai
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Company Website: ZKS IOT GROUP Limited.


With more than 15 years working experience in Company Managing and Software industry. I've entered a new area, the Internet of things. We have created a new kind of IOT module & OS by working in this new industry for 3 years. We believe that our technology will change the face of the IOT industry and provider our user more efficient, convenient, and stable IOT solutions. Let's work together to build a new IOT era.


ZKS IOT Group is focus on development and innovation of the Internet of Things(IOT) and make the universal connection.

Based on our Hong Kong headquarter, we have a professional R&D team with a lot of professor and expert in the IOT industry. Based on our Next-Gen Active RF technology, we have developed the ZKSN IOT Module and numbers of cloud IOT solutions for Smart City, Smart Industry 4.0, Smart Health care. Compare to Bluetooth and other RF technology, ZKSN IOT Module has longer reading range & product life, better anti-jamming ability & protection,It also can provide Ad Hoc Network, both-way communication and positioning function. Reusable components can make it possible to build a reliable IOT network system.

We have 2 R&D centers in east and south China. As a company group which focus on both in Mobile IOT and Smart City, We can provide the solution not only for B to C business such as smart health wearable Devices, Smart medical/ nursing, tour group management FMCG management, smart housing and personnel & pet positioning, but also for B to B business such as the solutions for medical cold chain logistics/warehousing, asset management, smart community, smart farming, food safety and environmental monitoring. For now, our business has been growing rapidly. And we have opened branch offices in Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shaoxing, Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu and Suzhou.

Our goal is to be the leading global expert of the IOT. To key to accomplish this goal is to help our customers to establish a smart management & service system and promote the intelligentize of the governments and enterprises. For now, our products and technology have been successfully used in numbers of corporations and government agencies such as Baosteall.Inc, CSR Group, Haier Group, Double stars Tyre,Qingdao FDA, Huanwan Baili, Greer Food Stuff LLC., HSLN Ltd., Zhucheng Waimao. We have also built the partnerships withGS1(HK), SAP and PTC.