Alicia Guo
Alicia Guo
Marketing Manager at Audfly Technology Co., Ltd
Suzhou, China
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Suzhou Audfly Technology Co., Ltd headquarters is located in the Suzhou New District Science and Technology City, marketing center is located in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, is a focused acoustic field of environmental protection high-tech companies. Companies gather Acoustics Digital Signal Processing Dr. domestic and sound environmental management team of experts, doctors and masters the company accounted for more than 30% of college-level education and above accounted for 80% full.

Companies Inheritance sound academic research, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, through stable performance, leading technology, quality service to provide a strong guarantee for the development and industrialization of the implementation of the project, through market-oriented, integration of acoustics, electronics , digital signal processing technology, research and development leading international electro-acoustic products, not only in the field of acoustic environment to fill the gap, but will revolutionize industries.



Based on the principle of parametric array, audio signal is modulated into ultrasonic signal. Then, through the nonlinear self-demodulation of ultrasonic waves, highly directivity of audio sound is generated to realize spatial distribution and sound source location control.


ANC adopts unique patented ANC algorithm to generate anti-noise signals to adaptively follow the frequency spectrum of noises and can diminish the noise pollution about 10 dB(A). ANC technology is a cost-effective solution to cancel noise without disturbing the airflow, limiting the low-frequency range within 1800Hz.


Main features

A large part of the noise can be reduced without adding other sound insulation materials. ANC is a kind of intelligent noise reduction method, which is different from traditional physical method and it’s more targeted. Light, small, low cost and good effect.

Noise reduction level