Alfred Hu
Alfred Hu
Senior Manager at Compal Experience Design
Taipei, Taiwan
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About Compal Electronics:

“Transcendence”, “Sincerity” and “Harmony” . . . these are Compal’s core values. These will enable Compal to stay ahead of the times, and to create new opportunities. In addition to developing and manufacturing its well-known computer notebooks for internet applications, Compal’s management team carries out multiple industry layouts with foresight, structuring a complete supply chain, including communications, TFT panels, IC packaging and manufacturing. Looking toward the future, Compal has full confidence in its ability to move ahead. By year 2009 with the worldwide of over 30,000 workforce, Compal will be the No.1 NB and Top 3 TV world class ODM manufacturer. Working together, diligently and harmoniously, Compal’s staff will continue to exceed expectations long into the future.


I am a visionary and strategic thinker who can internalize needs, define concepts, lead team’s vision to align with company’s strategies. Lived and worked 18 years in North America, Hong Kong and Taipei with a broad international exposure and multi-industry experience (IT, Mobile Phone, GPS, Consumer Electronics, Automotive and Strategic/Design Consulting); have led successful products launched for the US/Europe/Asia markets.


NB Product- Notebook PC, Netbook PC, All-in -one PC (AIO)

Display Product- LCD TV's, 3D TV's, Smart Internet Connectivity TV’s, PDP TV’s

Digital Media Product- DMP (Digital Media Products)

Smart Device- Smart Phones, Tablet Product

Automotive Electronic Product- Automotive Electronic