Alex Wang
Alex Wang
Investment Manager at Galaxy Internet Holdings Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen, China
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Galaxy Internet Holdings Co., Ltd. (a.k.a. Galaxy Internet) was Founded in 2009. Since then we have been focusing on co-founding new startups together with talented entrepreneurs in the internet field to create value and make the world a better place. We are committed to constructing an empowering organizations, creating supportive atmosphere and environment, attracting outstanding creative elites, and helping them fully utilize their creativity, to create new products and services to meet market demands.

Our mission is to make starting-up easier. We select talented potential entrepreneurs and provide them with ideas, seed capital, offices, training, human resources, strategic consulting and funding services. We stay in it for the long term to help the startups grow into market leaders.

We give ideas to entrepreneurs even if they don’t yet have their own. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, and we’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to make things people what they want. So we can usually see fairly quickly the direction in which a small idea should be expanded. We give our ideas to entrepreneurs and get them to the point where they’ve built something impressive enough to raise money on a larger scale. We have four models of creating new startups:

● We localize business model that has been proven successful in other countries;

● We have funded a large numbers of companies, so we can smell opportunities to initiate new programs or startups out of those established companies to create a large alumni network and synergized ecosystem;

● We co-found companies with other great companies who consider our business complementary to theirs;

● We attract resourceful industrial elites as mentors to jointly found startups.

Riding the waves of sharing economy and decentralization effect enabled by the internet, we have co-founded over 100 internet companies over the past few years in the following sectors with a dedicated supporting team focusing on each of them:

  • O2O, enterprise service
  • Digital entertainment
  • Cloud computing
  • Big data
  • Smart devices
  • Internet-based health care
  • Online education
  • Mobile media
  • Internet-based finance
  • Internet-based food services
  • Internet-based fashion
  • Internet-based agriculture, etc.

Our portfolio include JM WOWO (NASDQ: WOWO), EGLS (002619. SZ), Welink and Xiaoneng Technology and a batch of other novel internet companies.

With near 200 elite professionals in our team, by leveraging the power of the internet in our own management practices, our goal is to rapidly build more and more internet startups in large numbers and build a portfolio that would be significantly meaningful to the industry and to the world.


Sectors We Focus and Invest

O2O and e-commerce / Internet finance / Internet catering/ Digital entertainment / Enterprise service / Digital media

Intelligent device/ Mobile health care / Online education / Cloud computing & big data / Internet clothing / Internet agriculture

Internet real estate / Internet steel / Internet car / Social media




Focus on the early-stage projects and help the projects grow from zero to one.


We are entrepreneurs ourselves and we've co-founded several companies that have created tremendous amounts of value in their respective industries. As co-founder,we help entrepreneurs initiate startups rapidly.

Guidance and advice

We try to interfere as little as possible in the startups we co-found. But we offer valuable advice to make the project more practicable from the very start.

Founding startups even without a project

We like young people with broad vision and have the courage to reinvent an industry. For those entrepreneurs, even if they don’t have a concrete idea or they obviously head to a wrong way, we help them adjust to or match with appropriate project.

Introducing proven business model and localize

We look for new business model and technology innovation globally and introduce those interesting opportunities to China.

Early-stage Investments

  • Seed, angel and Pre-A
  • Fast funding
  • We provide funding to startups and we pay fast.
  • Resource allocation
  • We get our entrepreneurs with all possible resources and start the project fast.
  • Offices around the world

We establish offices in Silicon Valley to invest in early-stage companies in the U.S., and will also open offices in countries with leading internet innovation level, such as Israel and India

Galaxy Space


Entrepreneurs can work in Galaxy Space, our dedicated office to entrepreneurs, during the early stage of their startups. We also provide training base and startup community services at Galaxy Space.

Startup research institute

We help develop core module for mainstream technical platform, simplifying research and development process and helping startup projects launch quickly.

Startup Training

  • Short-term training
  • We provide multiple short-term training services that entrepreneurs can choose flexibly.
  • Professional support
  • Our partners are all experts in their respective industries who are always there with answers.

Funding Service

  • Strategic consulting
  • We see and offer the direction of the company in which entrepreneurs could find a market with less competition and broader potentials.
  • Financing advice
  • We teach founders how to pitch their startups to investors, and how to close a deal once they’ve generated interest.

Human Resouces Service

  • The first few employees
  • We have a talent pool and can help entrepreneurs to hire the first few important employees.
  • Basic human resources service
  • We provide long-term human resource support for startups.

Comprehensive Service

  • Long-term support
  • We also get the startups incorporated properly with all the standard paperwork and legal affairs.
  • Public relations service
  • We help entrepreneurs market their brand to attract more public attention.