Albert Lin
Albert Lin
CEO at Brio Sound Inc.
New Taipei City, Taiwan
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Company Website: Brio Sound Inc.

Founded in 1998 in Taipei, Taiwan, BRIO Sound was a major audio designer distributor to several audio brands, providing constant innovations and trends to the industry of audio products. In the following years, BRIO was established and entered the audio and sound market. As the Italian name stands for, brio is the symbol of spirit, verve and harmoniousness, three key factors that represent the true foundation and expression of the company. BRIO Sound implemented a multitude of technological advancements to their product line, striving to achieve a remarkable success in every process of manufacturing audio. Until present day, BRIO has sponsored many different music schools across the globe, by implementing our audio technology in supporting singers, star performers and artists. BRIO Sound’s aim is to achieve global distribution by constantly providing the newest cutting-edge technology and hardware specifications in the current sound market.


Wireless Microphone


2.4GHz Digitalized Wireless Microphone Set

Rich Sound with High Quality Performance

CD-Quality Uncompressed Signal

Plug-n-Play, Automatic Frequency Pairing


The W200b StageMike is a professional microphone set using a digitalized 2.4GHz band. The package includes 2 wireless microphones, a portable receiver, and accessories. After plugging the receiver into the sound equipment, the microphones are ready to use. Utilizing the automatic frequency-hopping technology allows the StageMike to be a plug-n-play and easily operable device with no further adjustments and settings required. Integrating brio’s most advanced automatic pairing system, CD-quality uncompressed sound, receiving stability and long-lasting battery life, StageMike is excellent for speeches, performances, and other applications.



brings the party anytime and everywhere!

The PartyPro 320A is the most customizable and convenient entertainment accessory specialized for smartphones and tablets. Other than its karaoke capabilities, is also a high quality Bluetooth Speaker. Weighing only 2.5Kg (5.5lbs), the device is light and easy to carry. It utilizes a Class B amplifier, and can output RMS 30Wx2 stereo sound. The built-in Bluetooth automatically pairs after its first set-up. Its Li-Ion battery has uninterrupted longevity of 10 hours. The device can be connected to a second speaker to provide Hi-Fi stereo sound right at home.

A must-have for outgoing Karaoke lovers

Do not let cheaper and lower quality sound equipment ruin the aesthetics of singing karaoke anymore. With its eight presets of reverb and echo effects and pitch shift features, it gives a professional karaoke singing experience no matter where you are. Whether it’s for fun, or to practice your karaoke skills, this party machine is an absolute must-have!

Karoake Mixer


Sonding like a professional singer has never been easier! Flip any song from your iPad, iPhone, or smart phone and make it yours! With the 210’s professional recording ability, you can capture your high-quality performance and share it online with your friends. This palm-sized mixer uses state-of-the-art reverb sound effects to make you the singer you always dreamed you could be.

Get Ready for a Singing Revolution

Have you felt shy about your voice? Have you tried and failed to find a song that suits your vocals? Have you simply been singing into a wooden spoon in your kitchen? Well it is time to share your talent, play your favorite song, and grab a wireless mic because the 210 has revolutionized the art of singing at home. The days of sitting on the sideline watching others shine are over.